Healing Circles with Venae and Laura

Healing is the restoration of the consciousness to the awareness that you are already whole. Our  healing circles are a gathering of 3 to 8 people who come together for the purpose of receiving healing energy via the medium.  These circles are geared toward deep personal shifts and transformation. During the circle, everyone receives healing energy was well as a message from Spirit.  Healing is achieved through a combination of message, energy transmission and processing.  By engaging in the healing process in this way, the circles allow the work to be integrated on all four levels of healing causing the information to be received in as deep a way as possible.

Circle work is for those seeking guidance with an open heart and  mind. Spirit will connect with each individual as needed. They will ask permission for healing work and also for ancestors and loved ones who would like to come through if closure or connection is helpful.

During a healing circle, all participants receive messages and energy from an enlightened spiritual being or entity.  Typically this will be an angel or saint who specializes in the issues that are most pressing for the participant at this time.  After the circle there is a debrief in which we discuss noticeable themes that may have been present during the circle and answer any questions that you may have.  When picking a circle type or date, you are encouraged to pick the one you most resonate with at this time.

Healing Circle:  $120 per person
Venae gives the healing energy allotted to her by Spirit for the participants and delivers messages unfiltered and word for word.  (This is important because often the specific words or images they relate are a personal motto or a something you recently spoke.  As a result it serves as evidence for you that you are seen and heard by Spirit.)

These circles are an intricate dance where participants often find that they resonate with the messages being offered to others in the circle as well as their own.  In all cases Spirit delivers consistently what is most helpful for forward movement.  Often as a result of Healing Circle, old issues and long standing blockages receive a jump start with Spirit's healing energy. 

Mary's Healing Circle:  $120 per person
This circle is like the healing circle except that all messages come from Mary.  Known as the Divine Mother, Mary is the embodiment of the sacred feminine.  

Christ Consciousness Circle:  $120 per person
Another version of the healing circle in which all messages come from the Christ Consciousness.  Contrary to popular belief, Christ was not Jesus' last name but rather a title meaning "anointed one."  The Christ Consciousness is a state of full self-awareness in which we remember our divine identity.  It is the consciousness that truly recognizes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Extreme Healing Session:  $208 per person
This is a 90 minute individual session with Venae in which you will r eceive message and healing energy from Angels, the Christ consciousness or Mary. If messages or information from spirits of departed loved ones is pertinent to your healing that may also surface. These sessions are very powerful and Spirit is offering these  sessions now in lieu of the hour long individual sessions.  (It is still possible to have hour long phone sessions.)

About Venae
Venae is a healer, medium and psychic.  Born in Binghamton New York, Venae began seeing spirits as a child.  Not knowing what to do with the things she was seeing, she quickly learned not to discuss them publicly and did all she could to just fit in.  After years of denying who she was and struggling to find her place, she moved to New York City to attend college.  It was here that she met some more open-minded people and began exploring tarot cards and other divination tools.  Although this provided an outlet for Venae, she continued to see spirits whenever she found herself in a relaxed or altered state.  They would show up at all hours wherever she was.   Something had to be done!  

As things reached critical mass, Venae began studying shamanism, became a Reiki master and spent time doing healing work with others and herself.  As she continued to grow and gain confidence she committed to serious study with some gifted mediums such as James van Praagh, John White, Paul Jacobs and Mavis Pitella.  This work helped her to refine her gifts and learn how to use them to support others.  Most importantly, she was finally able to get some sleep!

We all have spirits and guides who long to connect with us. Once she accepted her gift of being a voice and guide between the worlds Venae will tell you that she felt her life shift into place.   According to her, "Working as a medium and intuitive is very healing for all parties and I have come to realize it is what I was made for. I feel passionate about it and find it a blessing to channel Angels, Saints, higher entities and departed loved ones. I know I am in service to God and humanity. I find it an honor and a pleasure to walk between worlds and be of service to both."

About Laura
Laura is a Minister of Spiritual Consciousness and the owner of Manifest Joy Mind and Spirit Center in Takoma Park, MD.  As a Life Coach for 20 years and a Spiritual Life Coach for the last 12, Laura has devoted herself to personal growth and healing for herself and others.  Her gentle, compassionate and intuitive coaching and facilitation styles empower her clients to find their own way and create significant and lasting transformation in their lives.

Laura began her coaching journey in 1995 with a seminar company before training as a Spiritual Life Coach and Facilitator of Spiritual Consciousness at the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development under the tutelage of Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.  In addition to her own private practice, Laura is a member of the Inner Visions workshop team and has been a consulting coach on several television projects including "Starting Over" and "Iyanla Fix My Life."  Laura is a Reiki Master and utilizes a variety of healing modalities in her work. 

Spirit's message this month:  

" Living great, great, great; nothing to become.
Only listening to Spirits call. "
October 16-20
Healing Circle :                            Friday      Oct 16 th        7:00pm until
Christ Consciousness Circle:    Saturday  Oct  17 th       7:00pm until
Extreme Healing Sessions :       Monday   Oct 19th       2:00pm-8:00pm* 
Extreme Healing Sessions:        Tuesday   Oct 20th     12:00pm-8:00pm*

November 24-28
Extreme Healing Sessions :        Tuesday    Nov  24th      2:00pm-8:00pm* 
Extreme Healing Sessions:       Wed           Nov 25 th      2:00pm-8:00pm* 
Mary's Healing Circle:               Thurs        Nov  26th     7:00pm until
Christ Consciousness Circle:     Saturday  Nov 28th     7:00pm until

December  16-21
Healing Circle :                            Wed          Dec  16 th       7:00pm until
Extreme Healing Sessions :       Thurs       Dec  17 th       2:00pm-8:00pm* 
Healing Circle:                            Friday      Dec  18 th        7:00pm until
Mary Circle:                                 Saturday  Dec 19th       7:00pm until
Christ Consciousness Circle:     Sunday    Dec 20th       7:00pm until
Extreme Healing Sessions:        Monday  Dec  21st       2:00pm-8:00pm*

*Individual sessions by appointment only.

To register for any of the circles or sessions listed above, please contact Laura directly:   laura@manifest-joy.com

Note:  Payment for circles is due at the event (cash or credit).  Credit card transactions will cary a $5 fee for circles and a $9 fee for Healing sessions in order to cover fees charged to us by the processing companies.  To avoid these surcharges please plan to pay by cash or check.  


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