Over the past year and-a-half we have been hyper-exposed to gross forms of racial harm, and collectively awakened to the need for racial healing. In action, racial healing is mostly recognized and experienced in the form of one-time, or short-term Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) interventions for groups, and sometimes individuals. But it cannot stop there. White Supremacy culture produces racial harm and trauma for both BIPOC and white people everywhere, all the time. Therefore, healing must happen for everyone, every day, and in every way.  
That is the work of Trinity Boston Connects (TBC), and the work we all can and must do for ourselves, each other, and our broader communities. Healing happens every day in specialized ways like educational programs, or therapy and wellness sessions. It also happens through everyday acts of kindness like the giving of charitable funds, volunteerism, or a kind word.
As we begin our annual fund campaign, we invite you to give a gift of healing with a tax-deductible donation to TBC. Your gift will support our ongoing healing work with Boston’s youth of color and the adults who support them.  
Over the next few weeks, you will notice us in your inbox once a week sharing more about racial healing, our programs, and practices. As a primer, please feel free to watch the video below for an overview of our 3 Essential Community Practices that anchor all of our work. You can also dive into racial healing education via our resource center here.