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Caring for Families Who Love Their Pets



Cut off the bottom of ANY bag before you toss it into a garbage can including chip bags, cereal bags, snack bags (including your pets favorite treat bags), etc.  


Sadly animals have suffocated while trying to enjoy the final remaining crumbs after their "person" has thrown it into the garbage and walked away, leaving the  bag unattended and the animal wanting more. 


Please keep a pair of scissors by your garbage can to remind you to clip the bottoms off of all your bags before tossing it into the garbage.  By this simple act you may just save your pet's life or the life of a pet that someone else loves. 


For more on the perils of leaving opened bags in the garbage, please visit

Healing Hearts


February is often recognized as the month associated with love and companionship, both feelings given to us unconditionally by our beloved pets. When your pet dies, it can leave a void in your heart that is indescribable, and Healing Hearts is here to help you through your sadness and loss.  On Sunday, February 15th you are invited to attend Healing Hearts from 2:00 to 3:30p.m to help heal your grieving heart from the loss of your darling pet.


Healing Hearts provides you with a safe place to grieve the loss of your pet and spend an afternoon of comfort with others who share in your grief.  The afternoon includes a presentation by Elizabeth Babcock, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who will provide you with information and resources to work through the trauma of losing your pet. 


If you would like to attend this free event please RSVP to Deb at 412/220-7800 to assure ample seating for all in attendance.


For more information please visit 




Wanted...Golden Retrievers

and the people who love them:)


"The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is a study tracking the lives of 3,000 Golden Retrievers with hopes to gain insights and understanding of the risk factors, causes, preventions, and treatment of cancer and other canine diseases," according to an article in Pennsylvania Veterinary Medic.


Not only will this study provide valuable information about canine diseases, it also provides pet owners with resources to help keep their pets healthy throughout their lives including annual and lifelong veterinary care, financial reimbursement for medical costs, and possibly a higher rate of pet insurance coverage. 


The Golden Retriever study has also taken into account the fact that some people may relocate during the average span of the study, 10 to 13 years.  To help these families remain connected with the study, the Morris and Animal Foundation provides them with access to a veterinarian database to help them find a veterinarian in their new community.


With 2000 Golden Retrievers already enrolled, recruitment in this lifetime study is still underway until the study receives its 3000 Retrievers and the people who love them! By participating in this study, pet owners will not only be a part of a groundbreaking and impactful study, but it is also a great way to connect with dedicated and loving pet owners such as yourself.  To apply please visit







Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation