April 18, 2021

Healing Power of Differences

The word “paradox” is often used to talk about very frustrating situations in which traditional problem-solving doesn’t seem to work.

We encounter paradox often in the form of conflicts, resistance to change, and when differences emerge that we can’t seem to move beyond. A paradox is a pair of opposite, yet interdependent values, that need each other for the healing and wholeness in life.

Our ability to do “the work that in due season will encircle the earth,” as Charles Fillmore says, depends upon us learning to harness the power of differences, paradoxes and start embodying action steps to embrace the differences to expand our capacities for loving, seeing broader perspectives and living our most noble selves.

Rev. Kelly Isola will speak to this and more for our 11 am Sunday Service.

Rev. Kelly is an ordained Unity Minister with training, certifications, and accreditations across a wide spectrum of interests and is a Certified Master in Polarity Thinking. She leads multiple workshops and ceremonies and leads the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council.

Join us as we kick off SEE Week.
In case you missed it – watch our service from last Sunday

Practical Prosperity

Sunday Music

Guest Artist: Lainey Bernstein
Lainey is a singer - songwriter with an inspirational groove and a practical message. Lainey currently acts as interim Choir Director and Music Team Leader at CSLDallas. She has created a life steeped in “all-things-musical.”

Opening Song: "God in Every Face"
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SEE Week is BLOOMING at Unity of Dallas

It's HERE!!! A week of amazing opportunities to learn from great Unity Ministers, LUTs and more. What better way to raise your consciousness?

Join us Monday, April 19 - Friday, April 23 via Zoom.
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity begins with SEE courses. We have 8 classes which may be taken for your own enjoyment or for SEE course credit. Either way, your experiences will enrich your everyday life for the rest of your life.

Click here for information, registration and booklist.
From Your Chaplains
Our Prayer Chest is open to receive your prayers. Click here to access the online prayer request.

Your prayers are prayed over for a week by a chaplain and then sent on to Silent Unity where they are prayed over for 30 days.

Click here for our Inspirational Message for April.
Last chance to donate lunch bags for SoupMobile – but we are NOT done yet!

April will be our last lunch bag donation for a while. Oversize lunch sacks filled with 16oz water, chips and cookies are welcomed to be dropped off on Sat. April 17 from 2-4, Sunday April 18 during church opening hours, and Tuesday April 20 from 9-10 AM at the front of the church.

Beginning in May, we will collect McDonald's gift cards in $5 increments, as well as disposable face masks until they are no longer needed. These gift cards allow a person to enter a McDonald's restaurant with dignity and purchase a meal. It will get them into the air-conditioning for a brief respite from the heat as well.

There will be a receptacle on the welcome table to accept cards during church open hours on Saturdays from 2-4 PM, and Sundays from 9 AM-12:30PM. Any questions please contact lesacwalker@yahoo.com

Thank you for making a difference.
Gathering for Spirit - Online Classes & Meetings
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Here are additional classes being offered by Zoom. Click on the class to take you to the Event Calendar:

Saturday, April 17
Meditation with Al Mahesh 9:30 am - 10:30 am
"The Feminist Fillmore: Was He or Wasn't He?"

Sunday, April 18
2021 Theme: Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World
April explores Love and Forgiveness as a spiritual practice.

Monday, April 19

Tuesday, April 20

Wednesday, April 21

Saturday, April 24
Meditation with Al Mahesh 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Men for Unity Pathfinders 10:30 am - 12 pm
SEE in the Field

Unity of Gaithersburg
June 6-11, Zoom, 9 classes, click here.

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