Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost - September 10, 2023

Healing for Whom?

One of the great privileges of being a priest is having a ringside seat to so many tender moments in life. Some of these are obvious: births, deaths and marriages. But there is so much more.

This is what I see. God is at work for good among his people at Epiphany. One really joyful thing over the last few weeks is to see how God has intervened in the life of a young girl connected to our congregation to bring unexpected (well, unexpected except by those who were praying for it) healing from a life-threatening disease. I have also been privileged to see God's goodness to a couple of people in need of work, and have joined in the excitement around some upcoming marriages.

At the same time, for every person here who has a story about a moment where God has shown up in a powerful way, I also know someone who would love to see God intervene for good in their lives and He just hasn't so far.

If that is you today, I want to say a couple of things. First, don't give up hope, ever. Following Jesus means choosing hope even in the face of the cross. You can choose hope in whatever you are facing today. Second, God's timing can be frustrating, but God's love for you is real, and so is his promise to be with you, even when things seem to be falling apart. Let's hold onto these things together and wait, with hope, to encounter God in the place we most need Him.

God bless,

(Chuckles) "I'm in Danger!" Fr. Peter Preaches on Psalm 26

Funeral For Nancy Knight is Sept. 16

The funeral for Nancy, wife of Bill Knight, will be on Sept. 16 at 11am at the Hunters Woods at Trails Edge facility - 2222 Colts Neck Road, Reston.  

Camping Trip Full!

We have had very strong interest in Epiphany's family camping trip September 29-30. With that in mind, we are closing registration for the time being.

Choir Begins Tonight, Sept. 7

Join us for the start of an enchanting musical journey! Our choir rehearsals begin this Thursday at 7pm. Unleash your passion for singing and be part of something harmonious and extraordinary. All voices are welcome! 

Enrichment Morsels From Marriage Ministry

As the fall begins and the holidays seem far away…consider a weekly date night to keep in touch with your spouse.  

Share your thoughts and feelings, not just logistics and scheduling! Here are some questions to get you started. 

  • How does my loving you help me experience God?
  • What do you think is our strongest feature as a couple? 
  • Have I grown through this summer? What am I doing to prepare for the holiday season? How do I feel about that?

** Questions from Worldwide Marriage Encounter materials.

Epiphany’s Marriage Ministry Mentors are available to walk beside you in prayer and with marriage building resources. 

Women's Ministry Fall Gathering, Sept. 23

Jane Burkett will be our speaker on “The Face of Jesus: A Journey Through Art History", exploring the depiction of Jesus and their theological meaning. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 23, at 10:00AM. There is a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall. Light refreshments and coffee will be served. Don’t miss this inspiring gathering!  

Donations Needed for Coates School

Donations are needed for weekend school food bags for students at Coates Elementary School. These can be either individual items or packed gallon Ziploc bags with two items each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as two healthy snacks. All items must be nut-free and non-crushable. Please bring your donations by Sunday, October 1. That day we will assemble the bags after the 10:15 service for our monthly delivery, and all are welcome to help.Any questions? Contact Sally Eckard or Bea Long

This Week At Epiphany

Epiphany Calendar

Sept 8 - Sept 17

Friday, September 8

9:00am Morning Prayer

Saturday, September 9

9:00 Band of Brothers Men's Group

Sunday, September 10

8:00am Worship

10:15am Worship (livestream)

1:15 and 2:00pm Worship at Chantilly Heights

Monday, September 11

9:00am Morning Prayer

9:30 Ladies Morning Bible Study

Tuesday, September 12

7:00pm Vestry Meeting

Wednesday, September 13

12:00 noon Simple Eucharist

6:00pm Crossover Rehearsal

Thursday, September 14

9:00am Morning Prayer

7:00 Choir Rehearsal

Friday, September 15

8:00am Men's Ministry in Library or via Zoom

9:00am Morning Prayer

Saturday, September 16

9:00am Band of Brothers Men's Group

Sunday, September 17

8:00am Worship

10:15am Worship (livestream)

11:30am Pilgrimage Meeting

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