Healing every day is not just our call to action for individuals. It is also the work organizations must do to uproot white supremacy culture in their practices and policies, and create healing environments. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations serving communities of color and employing staff of color. Our vision for racial healing within organizations is carried out by Organizational Equity Practice (OEP), the consulting arm of Trinity Boston Connects (TBC).

Through OEP, that vision is a work-in-progress in more than 220 organizations serving 15,000 youth throughout the city. Organizations committed to healing are resilient and able to learn from their mistakes. Their staff ask deeper questions, have an ability to recognize their own harmful practices, and quickly find ways to better address them. Those in positions of power are able to let go of the need for control, and staff can bring their whole selves to work.

Ever adapting to emerging needs, OEP began offering a free monthly “Tea Time” for solidarity and reflection, supporting mental and emotional health for POC (People of Color) in the nonprofit sector. Click the video linked above for a rare glimpse into OEP’s inner-workings.
With your support, we can move beyond just scratching the surface of what's possible. Please help us keep TBC’s Organizational Change work going strong in 2022!
We invite you to invest in racial healing with a tax-deductible donation to TBC before December 31st. Your gift will support our ongoing healing work with Boston’s youth of color and the adults who support them.