Healing the Children Northeast
First Quarter Newsletter - March 2020
Newsletter Highlights:
  • Highlights from Bolivia, January Trip
  • Highlights from Ethiopia, January Trip
  • Upcoming Medical Trips Abroad
  • Domestic Kids Program
  • International Inbound Program
  • SAVE THE DATE: Annual Golf Outing - June 23
Thank you for making last year a great success!
We are off to a great start in 2020!  


Due to the current worldwide situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, some of our fast approaching scheduled trips may be postponed
 We are currently watching the travel advisories
and making decisions to assure our teams safety. 

Whats next for our Medical Teams Abroad?  

  • March 21-27: A burn team is heading to Santa Marta Colombia led by Dr. Mark Foglietti of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.   

  • April 24 – May 3: Healing the Children Northeast and Healing the Children Northern California chapters will travel together to Ica Peru under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Rousso and Dr. Evan Ransom.  Team administrator for this team will be Kathy McGovern.  Our host is Jose Paredes, a local New Milford, CT resident who accompanies the trip every year along with his wife and daughter to make sure the team needs are met.  Jose and Malena have family members in the hotel and restaurant business and they arrange housing and meals, not just for our team, but also for the families who travel from far distances to have their children seen by the team and the volunteers who come to assist our team. 

  • October 16-24: Dr. Greg Keiser will lead a Dental team to Riobamba, Ecuador. Our host will be Partners for Andean Community Health (PACH). 

  • October 17 – 25: A facial plastics cleft lip/palate and microtia team will travel to Santa Marta Colombia led by Dr. Andrew Jacono on

We recently were made aware of an opportunity which we would love to share for those who travel on medical mission trips:

Dr. Manoj Abraham, who leads several trips for our Northeast Chapter and is the chair of the FACE TO FACE International Program, has recently connected with Doximity, a widely recognized online professional network that is very influential in recognizing top physicians throughout the county. Doximity has set up a charitable arm called the Dox Foundation, which provides grants up to $2,000 for medical mission airfare. 

Who can apply?

Individual physicians, nurse practitioners, CRNA’s, and physician assistants who travel for medical mission work. Each individual must apply to be considered. This does not mean they will fund more than one member who applies per trip. Grantee flights must be booked through the Foundation travel portal but can be matched with the same flights as the rest of the team. In addition, Doximity employees have volunteered to be administrators on medical mission trips. Doximity employees are not medical professionals, but are very committed to making a difference in health care. All costs for these administrators would be paid by Doximity. Applicants will be considered for a flight grant whether a Doximity employee is involved in the mission or not.
If interested in learning more about either program,
contact Shari Buck sbuck@doximity.com

The process: 
·         Step one, you would need to confirm your eligibility. Sign in to your Doximity account to make sure you are verified, or CLICK TO SIGN UP   
·         Fill out a proposal. You will be notified within a few weeks if you've received a grant. 
·         Book your flight via their travel portal
·         Enjoy your trip
·         Share your story / photos upon return to be shared with Doximity members. (this is a requirement)
·        Enjoy your trip
·        Share your story / photos upon return

This year we will be sponsoring 3 New Milford High School students pursuing a medical career with a scholarship of $500 each. Thank you to Steve Nargiso for sponsoring one scholar. 

We have an update from Renita, a young lady who has spina bifida. Renita came through our program in August of 2017 and returned home to Belize in February 2018. Renita was treated in Westchester County New York.  Her foster family was Steve and Mary Tracy of Goshen, CT. 
"Hi, I am doing great, can you please pass this message on to Mr Bob Ryan. Tell him I am doing good,  thanks to him as he had helped me get better. My walking is going good. I am not using the pink braces because it needs a repair so i am using the green braces for right now. I do not have any pair right now but sometimes i get pain in both legs.  I am still getting therapy at Hillside Clinic. My classes are going great but sometimes I have problems with some of my subjects but I ask for help from my teachers.  My favorite subjects are: spanish, home manage, tourism management.  I am doing good so far.  I hang out with my friends in school and at home I spend time with my parents. "

Our annual golf outing at the Waccabuc Country Club
in Waccabuc New York 
is scheduled for 
June 23 (4 th  Tuesday in June)

Thank you for supporting us and the children we help! 
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