The surgeries took place at Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, and treatment was donated by VBI. The 12 hour surgery was performed by the husband and wife team of Dr. Waner and Dr. O and their entire team. On a scale of one to 10, Dr. Waner said this surgery was a 12. It was one of the most challenging surgeries he has ever done. In that first surgery, the surgeons removed about 95% of the malformation. This exceeded expectations. After surgery, there were a few complications, but everyone remained hopeful. Nagalem had a respiratory tract infection and a fever, and an internal bleed from the site. They monitored her and were prepared to go back into the OR if needed. Fortunately, that was not necessary.Two weeks later she went back to the OR to remove the remaining malformation. Both surgeries were a huge success. Nagalem is a tough little girl. Though the surgery was
complex and the aftermath a little scary, it provided Nagalem with an incredible transformation. The surgeons even worked around and saved the nerve in her cheek. This preserved her most delightful smile!