Did you enjoy a cup of Coffee this morning?

Or do you prefer Tea?

Perhaps a smoothie to help you start your day?
How many times do you pull up to
Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks or your favorite coffee bar
and pull a few dollars out of our wallets
to pay for your favorite morning drink?

Did you know that the $3 dollars
that you spend for your

'Morning Mug'

can provide $81 of medical care
to a suffering child?'
We are asking YOU to donate your
´╗┐morning beverage money for only

one day
one week
one month
or more...

Just a few dollars from a lot of people will make all the difference to children who need your help.

Your morning beverage will taste so much better!

Can we count on you to join us in our
Match My Mug Campaign?

for your continued support of
Healing the Children Northeast

$3 for coffee = $81 of medical support

´╗┐Help us to reach our
$2000.00 goal!

Spread the word...