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The HealtHIE Nevada Team
Access to training made easier with the HIE Learning Portal


In March 2016, HealtHIE Nevada launched the HIE-Learning Portal, a training site using video courses and quizzes embedded into an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle. This online LMS allows HIE users to access and complete training at their convenience.

The HIE-Learning Portal's training modules are designed to help new users learn about the HIE Web Access program and how to navigate the system. Users will learn why patient consent is necessary, how to manage patient consent and how to receive access to the program.


The comprehensive course enables a new HIE user to gain understanding and quickly begin to use the system, as well as refreshing more seasoned users on the ins and outs of HIE Web Access.


The HIE-Learning Portal is now online, and access is provided during your implementation or your upgrade. Please contact us at HIElearning@healthinsight.org if you would like to learn more about the Portal or if you wish to have access to complete the course content.

Five ways support desk tickets help you

The HealtHIE Nevada support desk is designed to enable the support staff to work more efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of our users. To consistently meet the variety of needs of our users, we employ a reliable ticketing system that assists the support staff in providing excellent customer service that our users have come to expect.
When the support desk receives a ticket, the issue is automatically logged and assigned a case number, at which point the user will receive a confirmation that their email has been received and the issue has been assigned to one of our specialists. The convenience of having an automated ticketing system helps both support staff and users streamline communication and sends timely updates on the progress of the request.

Here are five ways a support desk ticket helps you:

1. It helps to work more efficiently
Keeping track of all submitted issues in one place allows for quicker response and resolution times. Emails aren't lost in individual inboxes, and issues can continued to be worked by any of the support staff regardless of the initial assignment. Support staff share the knowledge set for all issues allowing for faster turn-around of future issues.
2. It prioritizes tasks
A ticket system is specifically designed to organize reported issues and keep track of the progress, as different problems require different priorities. When the support specialist can easily visualize all the tickets in the queue, it helps to prioritize their work and important tickets are less likely to fall through the cracks.
3. It helps to tracks repeat issues
Working with many users across multiple health care organizations, it is not unusual to find recurring problems or questions. When this happens, the support specialist can quickly search old tickets, and find the solution to quickly solve the issue based on work done previously.
4. It helps us to multitask
HealtHIE Nevada has a busy support desk, and takes pride in assisting our users in a timely matter. To consistently meet your needs, the support desk prioritizes and organizes all issues as they are submitted, while simultaneously moving forward with issues they are currently troubleshooting. Timely resolution is of the utmost importance and we strive to meet your expectations daily.
5. It keeps all details in one location
When troubleshooting, it is very beneficial to have all the relevant information in one location, cutting down on time the support team would spend searching for applicable information to deal effectively with issues. The time saved translates to faster resolution of a problem for you.

You can contact HealtHIE Nevada support by creating a ticket directly from our website , send an email to HIESupport@HealthInsight.org,  or if you prefer, call us at 855-484-3443 and select option 1. We'll take it from there!
Health Information Exchange regulations proposed in Nevada

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is in the final stages of enacting revisions to the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), giving DHHS regulatory authority over the Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems operating in the state. These regulations can have a direct impact on your use of HIE in Nevada so your input is important.
In the coming months the state of Nevada will be holding public workshops to hear your comments and thoughts on the proposed regulations. Until those dates are announced we hope that you will take some time to review and comment on the proposed HIE regulations on the DHHS website (PDF download) and/or forward them to the appropriate person in your organization.
You can find additional information as well as the regulation workshop dates  when they are announced on the DHHS website.
New HIE features highlighted in User Group meeting 

On May 19, the HealtHIE Nevada User Group convened for the quarterly meeting at HealthInsight Nevada.
Training Specialist Tom Cooper reviewed the new HIE-Learning Portal and discussed how it can help users to navigate Web Access on their own time, via self-help videos and quizzes.
Project Manager Summer Sweeney presented the new HealtHIE Nevada website and demonstrated the site's search functions and updated list of HIE participants; and Project Manager Aaron Hubbard led a discussion on direct messaging, an exciting upcoming feature of the HIE.
HealtHIE Nevada's new direct messaging will offer a standard, secure messaging method, providing efficient point-to-point exchange of timely patient data. Via the direct messaging system, a primary care provider can send clinical data to a specialist to initiate a referral and the specialist can send completed consultation notes and data back to the referring provider.
In addition to in-person attendance, the User Group members were able to meet online using Adobe Connect. In a new development for this series, there were two meeting times available to accommodate the schedules of participants.
The next HealtHIE Nevada User Group meeting will be held September 15. Please contact
Kristin Cederlind at kcederlind@healthinsight.org or 702-948-0313 if you wish to be updated on upcoming meetings. 
Current participants

Each month, participation in the HIE increases, as more and more health care settings see the value in HealtHIE Nevada's
Services. As participation grows, so does the volume and validity of your data.

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