Taxpayer Assistance Meetings
RITA representatives will be at the Medina Community Recreation Center, 855 Weymouth Road, Medina, Ohio, to offer free assistance with RITA tax forms.  Dates/times are as follows:
  • Thurs., March 14, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Community Room B and C
  • Saturday, April 6, 2019, 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Community Room B and C
Tax forms can be obtained at City Hall or from RITA's web site:
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The 80/20 "Diet"
Written By: Elsie Ross, CPT at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio)
We all know how hard it can be to follow a diet plan. While the 80/20 rule is not technically a full-blown way to lose weight, it is an easy plan to follow that actually works. If you are the type of person (like me) who hates to follow strict food guidelines, you don't want to count calories, carbs, or macros, then this type of eating plan may might be right for you.
What is the 80/20 Rule?
The 80/20 rule is one of the easiest ways to reach and maintain the weight you want. The plan requires that you eat a clean diet 80% of the time and then allow for a more "relaxed" diet 20% of the time. The plan allows you to enjoy a few indulgences on regular basis without feeling the guilt you usually feel when you "cheat" on a stricter plan.  An easy way to incorporate this diet is to follow clean eating during the week and relax a bit on the weekend.
While the 80/20 rule is easy, in order to fully benefit fully from it, you need to make sure that your 80% is really clean. For the most part, this means having meals that focus on lean sources of protein, fruits, and vegetables.  Also, eating whole grains instead of processed, avoiding trans fats, drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugar and alcohol.
When you relax your diet during the 20%, portion control and moderation are very important. For example, during your clean eating days, you should avoid alcohol. Then, during your more relaxed days, you might enjoy a drink or two. During your clean eating days, you should eat veggies or fruit as a snack. During the 20% days, you could have guacamole and chips.
Benefits of the 80/20 Rule
  • Moderation is fairly easy. This is not a feast or famine plan. All of your days, whether you are in the 80% or the 20%, should be moderate eating days. The only thing that changes is your food choices on the 20% days.
  • There is no calorie counting or need to use food apps or food journals.
  • No food is really off limits. You can enjoy the foods you like, just not most of the time.
  • You probably won't feel deprived. Because of the 20% aspect, you can enjoy a night out and indulgences like pizza, cake, ice cream, etc.
  • This plan encourages healthy lifestyle habits.  Because you are eating clean most of the time, you learn to shop for healthier foods and cook healthier meals.
  • This 80/20 plan is sustainable - the fact that it is not as restrictive as other plans makes it something you can stick with.
Tips for following the 80/20 Rule
  • Don't overindulge on your 20% days.  If you overdo it on your 20% days, you can gain weight.  For example, eating a slice of cake is good but eating the whole cake is not.
  • Avoid starving yourself on your clean eating days. If you restrict yourself too much during the 80% days, you will be more likely to overindulge on your 20% days.  Also, it will be less sustainable, which is one of the benefits of following the 80/20 rule.
  • Don't overestimate your 20% days.  In other words, don't start on Friday morning and go through bed time on Sunday.  It is better to choose a few meals to indulge rather than the entire weekend.
  • Don't ignore portion control.  Always remember that if you consume too much of any food, even a healthy food, you are likely to gain weight.
Do You always forget your MCRC card?
Don't want to carry your MCRC card?

We now have two ways you can enter MCRC without your card.


#1 Memorize the bar code numbers on your card.

  • Store them in your phone if you like. You will be able to key in the numbers on a key pad to enter

#2 Get one of several free apps for your phone

  • Search for a bar code generator app that will generate a bar code for you after you have taken a picture of your membership bar code. We suggest an app like Stocard, a rewards wallet where you can tore all your rewards cards.
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15 - Senior Lecture Series - Your Medina County Auditor's Office - What they can do for you! - Mike Kovach - Medina County Auditor - Come and meet your Medina County Auditor and learn all of the important things his office does to make our county great! Lunch provided by Western Reserve Masonic Community   
12 - Senior Lecture Series - Beyond the Storefront Part 2 - The history of the Medina Public Square & Historic District - Bob Hyde - Historian - Back by popular demand and continuing from where he left off in the fall, Bob Hyde will amaze you with the amount of information he has on the history of Medina. Lunch provided by Danbury Senior Living.
19 - Preparing your Garden for the Spring - Soil Prep, Soil Testing, Site  
Selection and More! Suzanne Vanpeursem and Barb Buser - Master Gardener Volunteers from the OSU Extension - We are so lucky to have the OSU Extension office here in Medina and even luckier to have them come and tell us imprtant information to help us make our gardens produce great flowers and vegetables. Bring lots of questions! Lunch provided by Willowood Care Center.