February Developments
Let’s Talk About Social Determinants of Health
Over the past three years, Yachad’s remediation work has actively evolved to include engagement with health care organizations to address the impact of housing conditions on a family’s health. When Yachad addresses substandard housing conditions, a family’s health improves, and this reduces their need for medical care. These results are an important cost savings for families and medical providers. Housing quality and conditions are considered a major social determinant of health. And if Yachad’s remediation measures save the health care system money, there is more funding available for remediation of substandard homes.

Put another way, it’s better to pay for new plumbing, once, than to pay repeatedly for asthma medication and treatment over a lifetime.

graphic credit: Kaiser Family Foundation

Yachad's Remediation Measures to Include Asthma Home Visiting Services 

Yachad officially welcomes Dr. Janet Phoenix, a professor at George Washington University’s Milken School of Public Health to Yachad's work. Dr. Phoenix created the highly successful and effective asthma home visiting program that serves hundreds of pediatric asthma patients. The program offers in-home asthma education, healthy housing supplies – such as HEPA vacuums, air filter, dehumidifiers, mattress and pillow covers, and pest management. Dr. Phoenix, and community health worker, Derrick Faison, have been working with Yachad staff over the past two years to incorporate these services into our home remediation program. We welcome them both to our team.

Through our continuing partnership with Children’s National in the District, the Asthma Home Visiting Program services are available to renters as well as homeowners. Combining home visiting services with healthy home remediation measures provides critical and comprehensive housing assistance to families.
Yachad Partners with Lydia’s House to Help Older Homeowners 

Beginning this spring, Yachad will increase its remediation work in support of older homeowners living in D.C. Wards 7 and 8 who are in need of comprehensive healthy housing work. Lydia’s House, a nonprofit social service organization, has a long history working with Yachad on both housing and commercial redevelopment along South Capitol Street, SE. Lydia’s House has identified more than two dozen homeowners in need of assistance. Yachad hopes to braid private philanthropic dollars and public funds to address critical substandard conditions in these families’ homes, making them healthier and building new housing equity for these families. (See Sukkot in Spring Sponsorship opportunities below)

Thank you to the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and The England Family Foundation for their generous support.
Sponsor a Sukkot in Spring Home--Before It's Too Late
Sponsorships for Sukkot in Spring Healthy Home Program are needed. Simply stated the request and need for Yachad's remediation services are sky-rocketing. Families everywhere, but especially lower income families are experiencing significant housing insecurity and greater health issues due to the Covid-19 quarantine and underlying medical conditions many families are facing.The Yachad community can do more.

Unfortunately, volunteers wills not be working inside homes this year. However, some outdoor volunteer projects may be available. We promise to put all of our volunteers to work next year.

Thank you to our partners, who have already pledged support:

Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation
Hill Havurah
Temple Micah
Goldfarb & Associates

Sponsorship deadline: March 29, 2021. Contact us to learn more.
Homeowner Spotlight
Two years ago, Ms. D purchased a 1950s rehab home in Prince George's County, Maryland that fit her budget and could accommodate her two adult children and two young grandsons. The joy of being a homeowner quickly turned to despair when the family discovered a long-standing leak that was getting worse as time went by and creating mold in the home.

Yachad was brought in after a doctor’s visit for the 5-year-old’s persistent cold led to an asthma diagnosis and treatment at Children’s National’s IMPACT clinic. The clinic referred the family to Yachad.

Yachad's inspection revealed significant water damage in the home: water from the upstairs bathroom had leaked into the kitchen, ruining cabinets and the family's oven A second leak caused damage to the kitchen floorboards. Both leaks were causing mildew and mold, worsening the home asthma issues.

It took multiple visits to correct all the plumbing problems including a leaking dishwasher pump. Yachad replaced the dishwasher through a partnership with M & M Appliance. Yachad provided mold cleaning recommendations, how-to guides for the family, plus pest control and mattress covers as part of our Asthma Home Visiting Program.

Recently, HandyMensch, Marc Zweben, using Covid-safe protocols, completed tile repair in the upstairs bathroom that was left open when the new plumbing was installed.

Ms. D and her family are living a bit happier and healthier lives thanks to Yachad's work.
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