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Empowering you to create greater health & well-being through Yoga!
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practice yoga!

"Practice and all is coming"
- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, esteemed yoga master

Yoga practice - visions of a flow of yoga postures and breathwork followed by long meditations along the sacred Ganges River in India or high in the Himalayas at dawn... To ancient yogis, this may have been the meaning of a daily practice (although I have witnessed those same practices at dawn along the Ganges River by devotees today). However, in our busy world, it may be ten minutes of stretching when you get up in the morning or going to a yoga class once a week, squeezed between daily demands. The essence of both visions, ancient and modern, lies in the word "practice" and the immeasurable benefits of turning our attention inward, following the breath to still the mind, and moving the body mindfully. From those practices, greater health and vitality, a sense of well-being, and a more positive outlook on those daily demands are created.
The benefits of doing those practices in a yoga class are manifold - learning them from professionally trained teachers who have done those practices for years, expanding your understanding and knowledge of the body's movement and mind stillness patterns, and the opportunity to share those experiences with others who are also seeking greater well-being. We come together to practice and multiply the benefits exponentially for ourselves and everyone we meet!
Ultimately, yoga is a daily practice in the sense of living your yoga - increasing the health and stamina of your body through mindful movement as you walk the dog or wash the dishes, calming your mind's fears and anxiety when a driver cuts you off in traffic, and maintaining a positive outlook - in all ways. Yoga practice happens simply, moment by moment, by living from a place of gratitude in your heart.

Practice and all is coming!
Join us this autumn to create greater health, well-being, and joy!

gratitude for you and love for the journey of yoga,
Registration OPEN for the September Session!
September Session
September 7 - October 2, 2021
(4 weeks, No classes Labor Day Monday)
Rest & Renew Yoga!
Sunday September 26, 4:00 - 5:30pm $25
with Carla McAdams

Turn stress upside-down to nurture yourself and renew your energy! Rest in restorative yoga poses and experience the healing qualities of guided meditations that help you peel away layers of stress. No experience needed. Bring a friend!

Come experience why Mountain Spirit Yoga has been a Top Finalist for Best Yoga Studio in Frederick County for the past 6 years!

Classes, workshops, Private Yoga Therapy to serve the needs of all our students through Yoga and Pilates.