Health Alert: Murine Typhus
Texas DSHS has reported a nearly 10% increase in reports of flea-borne typhus during 2017. DSHS has requested all physicians increase clinical suspicion for patients presenting with non-specific symptoms and possible exposure. The bacterium Rickettsia typhi experiences a peak in December and January, with 25% of cases reported occurring in patients between 6 and 15 years of age. While the disease is self-limited, more than 60% of reported cases are hospitalized and 8 related deaths have occurred in Texas since 2003. Left untreated, organ damage can occur, including damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and brain.
New Course Available: Motivational Interviewing
Addressing behavioral change in families is tough business. Influencing change by creating a non-judgmental exchange of ideas and respecting the priorities of patients, whether they are parents of small children or burgeoning young adults is a fine line to walk for anyone, and especially healthcare providers and their staff. Motivational Interviewing is a widely accepted method of creating a dialogue composed of open ended questions used to identify elements in the patients’ decision making process and influencing those decisions by acknowledging the onus of change is with the individual. Texas Health Steps has a new continuing education module available as an introduction. The Free online module qualifies for 1 hour of CME Credit.
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