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Message from the President



All three local health insurance carriers have filed their premium rates for 2018 and they all are requesting significant rate increases.  New York State has not responded as I write this so we don’t know what the actual rates will be but we know that they will be higher than what you are currently paying.  You have the opportunity to lock in your 2017 rates for 12 months if you renew your policy in November or December. 

We will be hosting a half day workshop with the carriers September 26, 2017 at the Center for Tomorrow on the UB Amherst Campus, right off Flint Road across from the Marriott from 2PM-5PM.  You are encouraged to attend and compare rates and benefit plans and select and sign up for your plan for the next year.  Don’t wait until December to renew your plan or you will not have the option of securing 2017 rates.  Call 632-6905 or go to to make a reservation for this important meeting.

If you are unable to attend the workshop but would like the opportunity to renew early, call Penny at the Chamber office, 632-6905.  She will meet with you and review your options.

Another option is to have one of our staff come to your office and meet with you and/or your employees to explain your choices and assist you in the selection of a plan that meets your corporate budget and provides your employees with the coverage they need.

The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing our members with the products and services they require to grow their business.  Health insurance has become a major challenge to your prosperity.  We are doing everything we can to maintain your premium rates without diluting your benefits.  If you are not a current subscriber with us but would like us to review your plan and assist you with your options, please call us today.  We have three licensed brokers on our staff and they all are committed to providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice for you and your employees.  

Health Insurance Q&A
Making the Decision: ER or Urgent Care? 

In this summer season for cuts, bruises, bug bites and burns, if your doctor’s office is closed, where should you go for pressing health care needs?  


It’s a good idea to know where the closest emergency room and urgent care centers are, and to understand the level of care that can be provided at each.


If your condition is something you would normally feel comfortable addressing with your primary care physician, then urgent care is probably more appropriate than the emergency room.  Urgent care centers are same-day clinics that can handle a variety of medical problems that need to be treated right away but are not considered true emergencies.  Most are open late, and on weekends and holidays.  In most situations, you’ll save time and money going to urgent care instead of the emergency room.


Unlike urgent care centers, emergency rooms are equipped and staffed 24/7 for the most complex critical needs.


Use your best judgment when choosing where to get immediate care.  If the situation is too close to call and your instinct tells you it’s serious, don’t hesitate, go to the emergency room.

Your Amherst Chamber of Commerce licensed brokers
are here to help!
Call the Chamber offices at 632-6905 to get your questions answered.  
Following the Senate Vote, What's Next?

Despite extensive efforts, the House and Senate have adjourned for their summer recess without sending a bill to President Trump that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA.)  The Senate’s inability to reach consensus on an ACA replacement bill underscores the fact that sustainable solutions to transform our nation’s health care industry cannot be easily or quickly achieved. 


At this point, much uncertainty still exists around the future of the ACA and what Congressional leaders or the President will do next. However, as Independent Health’s president and chief executive officer, Michael Cropp, M.D., stated in a recent Buffalo News commentary any action must focus on improving quality and lowering the cost of care, and Independent Health will continue to invest in and advance initiatives and partnerships to move Western New York into a high-performing, health care community.  


When Congress returns to D.C. in September, they can still use the fast track legislative process, called reconciliation, to repeal and replace the ACA. However, legislation isn’t the only tool Congress and the Trump Administration have to make changes to the ACA.  In fact, Congress and the Administration are using a three-pronged approach to repeal and replace the ACA through:  1) reconciliation legislation; 2) administrative action, and; 3) new legislation.  

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Save on Your Health Insurance Presentation

Health Insurance Premiums are projected to increase by as much as 48% in January! Come meet with one, two, or all three of the region's largest Health Insurance carriers to ask questions, compare rates and benefits plans, and sign-up for your 2018 coverage!

Join the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY, Independent Health, and Univera Healthcare for the "Save on Your Health Insurance Presentation," Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at the University at Buffalo's Center for Tomorrow from 2pm-5pm. Representatives from all three carriers, as well as the Chamber's licensed brokers will be on hand at this FREE event, to meet with you, answer your questions and help you sign up for the right insurance coverage for 2018. 

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Featured Recipe
Peach-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

With peach season upon us, this sweet-and-savory peach glazed pork tenderloin allows you to combine delicious homegrown peaches while still enjoying your grill out on the patio.  The glaze caramelizes on the pork as it cooks to perfection. 

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