Bite-Size Blog #79 -- February 15, 2017

Data from a 31-person sample in Canada reinforces our earlier findings re WFPB eating
by J. Morris Hicks

A few weeks ago, I requested data regarding diet, prescription drugs and BMI from my 4,000 readers. About 100 responded and their information strongly suggested that as people add more whole plants to their diet, two things happen:
    1. They lose weight and their BMI goes down.
    2. Their use of prescription drugs plummets.
Yesterday, 31 people from Dr. Shane Williams' cardiology practice in Canada took the survey and answered my short questionnaire. And, although we didn't have any "typical" Canadians in the sample, their results were consistent with what I  found in my original sample of about 100 of my readers.
  1. Group A. 24 people scored at the 3Leaf or 4Leaf level
  2. Group B. 7 people scored at the 2Leaf or lower level
  3. On average, people in Group B are 90% more likely to be taking drugs than people in Group A.
  4. The average BMI for people in Group B is 20% higher than those in Group A. 
  5. Finally, people in Group B are  about 6% more likely to get sick than people in Group A.
As with previous groups that have taken the survey, the data seems to suggest that:

If you want to stop taking drugs, lower your BMI and get sick less often, you should take steps to improve your 4Leaf score to at least +20, which is the beginning of the 3Leaf range.

As I told Dr. Williams, his group was similar to my earlier sample of 100--with not a single person in either group scoring at the typical western diet level, which ranges from a numerical score of -21 to -44. I estimate that 65% of the total population of Canada and the USA is eating at that level, deriving less than 10% of their calories from whole plants.

We are still looking for a large sample of people who eat like "typical" Canadians or Americans--with meat, dairy, eggs, fish and/or highly processed foods at almost every meal. Let me know if you have any ideas. That data is critical to provide the strong case that we need to launch ARCH with our first corporate client.

Where can we find a more typical sample? I am looking for a sample size of at least 100 people, preferably 500 or more. Where can we find them? A few ideas:
  • A large church congregation
  • PTA association at a school near you
  • A university or community college
  • Sanitation workers or police force in your city
  • All employees of a medium size company where you might know the CEO or the VP of HR
  • A club where you might belong
Sampling tool to make it easy for you. Take a look at this page that I posted last week. It was designed to help make it real easy for interested parties to conduct this kind of study in larger samples. 

Just send this link to everyone in the sample who has agreed to participate in our study. Then, let me know what you have chosen for the Group I.D. We will take care of the rest. 

(Instructions are provided inside)

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J. Morris Hicks

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