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Friday, July 8, 2022 | 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM



"From criminal justice to Human Justice"


The talk will explore what it took and will continue to take to shift the paradigm and practice of public safety from criminal justice to Human Justice.

What is Human Justice, exactly?

Human Justice = Human Rights + Human Development

Human Rights are all the things that people need for healthy and thriving lives. Human Rights include safe and clean housing, equitable access to land and resources, pro-human health-care, truthful education, and more.

Human Development is the ability of people to create the social and cultural conditions to flourish free from oppression and to create a world where Human Rights are woven into the fabric of society.


Kyung-Ji Kate Rhee, Co-Executive Director, oversees the policy, training, and sustainability agenda at CNHJH.

Kyung-Ji is nationally recognized for her expertise in campaign strategy development, youth justice advocacy and dynamic training design for system and community stakeholders on culture change, racial disparity and leadership growth. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY), a project of the W. Haywood Burns Institute, and the Steering Committee of the New York City Task Force on Racial Disparity in the Juvenile Justice System. She has been featured in a range of publications, including Utne Reader (Top 30 Visionaries under 30), Village Voice, The Source (Top 10 Artists, Albums, & Political Players of the Year), The KoreAm Magazine, Gotham Gazette, New York Sun and Brooklyn Free Press, among others. She received her BA from the University of Chicago where she worked with Michelle Obama and Pamela Bozeman to launch a public service community summer internship program for University of Chicago students.