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Changes to Health First

As you may have heard Health First and Oscar have entered into an Administrative Services Agreement effective January 1, 2022 Health First notice 12.30.2021. An Administrative Services Agreement (ASA) is an agreement entered into effective date by the authority with an entity that will perform tasks necessary for planning, implementing, operating and administering the program.

What this means for you?

You will need to gain access to both Health First and Oscar portals for admissions, claims and verification of benefits etc.

  • This powerpoint will walk you through the steps of registering:
  • Health First directions located on page 13
  • Oscar directions located on page 57

Admission Direction

  • For members admitted prior to 1/1/2022: These members are still managed by HFHP including carveouts and clinicals for those admissions. Updates should be sent to HFHP via fax to 855-328-0059 or 321-434-4271. You continue to go to HF until member is discharged or through 2/28/22. If a question arises HFHP would like an email sent to email HF clinical team. This email is monitored and managed by the authorization team and will be directed to the CM for that particular case. Due to staffing changes HFHP no longer has assigned facilities.
  • For members admitted after 1/1/2022: These members are reviewed by Oscar Health including carveouts and clinicals for those admissions. If specific questions arise, you may call 855-918-6037 which is the Oscar Case Management line. This line is staffed Monday-Friday. If after hours or on weekends, a VM can be left and Oscar will return the call the next business day. Updates should be sent via fax to 833-554-9046 for Medicare lines of business or for Individuals to 844-965-9053.

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