Foundation Announces 
2019 Grant Opportunities
Activation Fund and Synergy Initiative Open
The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts (THFCM) is pleased to announce that it is inviting new grant applications in 2019 for both the Activation Fund and Health Care and Health Promotion Synergy Initiative ("Synergy Initiative") .
The Activation Fund supports discrete, one-year projects in Central Massachusetts that demonstrate creative and innovative approaches to addressing community health concerns and that move an organization to its next level of capacity and effectiveness, which can be sustained beyond the term of the grant. 
The Synergy Initiative provides three to five years of funding for collaborative projects that target health issues in Central Massachusetts with integrated, comprehensive strategies aimed at systems or policy change. 
Information about the guidelines for each of these funding opportunities can be found on the Foundation's website at to assess the fit of a proposed project with either the Activation Fund or Synergy Initiative.  Interested parties are asked to meet with Sonia Shah, Senior Program Officer, about the Activation Fund or Amie Shei, Vice President for Programs, about the Synergy Initiative before submitting a Letter of Intent.
Amie Shei, Ph.D.
Vice President for Programs
(508) 438-0009 x2
 Sonia Shah, Esq.
 Senior Program Officer
 (508) 438-0009 x6
Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to attend one of the following in-person or online information sessions which will cover both the Activation Fund and Synergy Initiative (advance registration required): 

Online webinar
Thurs. January 24
10:00-11:00am EST  
Click to register
by 1/21/19         
In-person session
THFCM office         
Tues. February 12
10:00-11:00am EST
Click to register
by 2/8/19
Online webinar
Wed. March 13
2:00-3:00pm EST
Click to register
by 3/8/19

The same information will be covered in all sessions, so there is no need to attend more than one.

Key dates for the 2019 Activation Fund grant cycle: 

Consultation with THFCM prior to March 24, 2019

Letters of Intent due:  Wed.  April 24, 2019      
Applications invited:  Thurs.  June 20, 2019
Applications due:  Fri. 
July 26, 2019
Grant awards:  Thurs. 
September 19, 2019

Key dates for the 2019 Synergy Initiative grant cycle: 

Consultation with THFCM prior to June 10, 2019

Letters of Intent due:  Wed.  July 10, 2019      
Applications invited:  Thurs.  September 19, 2019
Applications due:  Mon. 
October 28, 2019
Grant awards:  Thurs. 
December 12, 2019