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July 2016 
Welcome to Rawls Insurance Group, Health Insights. We will highlight ideas, solutions, changes and much more that apply to the health benefits and the Human Resources role. 

Marketplace Notices
In the coming weeks and months Employers will begin to receive notices from the Health Insurance Exchange or better known as the Marketplace. These notices are generated by employee's of your company who indicated their employer and also qualified for a subsidy based upon the information entered online. 

For more information and what to do, read our article on the Marketplace Notices

ACA Out of Pocket Maximum for 2017

Under the Affordable Care Act, limitations on cost sharing apply for plans or policy years that begin in 2017. This requirement applies to all non-grandfathered group health plans, included non-grandfathered self funded and large group health plans. This requirement does not apply to transitional relief and retiree only plans. 

Coverage              2016          2017
Individual             $6,850       $7,150
Family                 $13,700     $14,300
Things to Ponder...
ACA Affordability
Recently, I was reading an article in Insights & Analysis Magazine. Steve Spiro from Valley Stream, New York said that when talking with his clients about health plans and the Affordable Care Act, he would ask, " When do you want it be the Affordable Care Act?" "Do you want it affordable when you pay the premium or when you need health care? 

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