Who does your heart beat for?

When spending time with your loved ones during this season of gratitude, take a moment to consider your heart health and to remember just who your heart beats for.

You rely on your heart and circulatory system to perform every day. Not just for you, but for those you love. That's why it's important to make "heart healthy" choices-and periodically check in with your doctor.

If you have questions about your heart health or if you've been diagnosed with a heart condition, call St. Joseph's Heart Patient Navigator at  209.467.6540 We can help answer your questions and connect you to resources, information, and support. 

You can also take a  moment to take our free online heart health assessment

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Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving offers warm feelings with family, football, food, and... fat? This big meal is usually the start of a few extra pounds that many Americans gain during the holidays (and fight the following year to lose). 

Here are some tips on how to pull off a healthy Thanksgiving.

Tips for the Cook or Host
  • Emphasize sweet potatoes rather than mashed potatoes, which always seems to attract too much fatty gravy. 
  • Skip the potato chips! Put out veggies with low-calorie dips for guests to nibble on while they await the full feast.
  • Start the meal with a seasonal salad of spinach, apples, dried cranberries, pecans (or pine nuts), and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
  • Make that sure each guest has a glass of water. This will help them feel full without relying on sugary beverages.
Tips for Guests
  • Start with salad.
  • Avoid casseroles packed with sauces, creams, and butter.
  • Skip the rolls. (You can eat those any time of year.)
  • Fill half of your dinner plate with vegetables.
  • Fill a quarter of your plate with starches, including sweet potatoes, corn pudding, or rice pilaf.
  • Fill the final fourth of your plate with white turkey slices. Remove the skin and avoid the fattier dark meat.
  • Relax between the main course and dessert and let your body catch up. 
Enjoy your family and food this Thanksgiving -- just be mindful about what you eat. Your heart will thank you! With a little extra attention, these tips will make this year's holiday the first of many healthy Thanksgivings for you and yours.

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