August 2016
A Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 1

Welcome to the First Edition of Health Notes from DCSD Nurses.  Your School Nurse Consultants hope that your summer break was fun, safe, restful and included sunscreen ( in case it didn't, check out our Summer Health Tips! ). We look forward to the 16-17 School Year and hope this newsletter will support our students and families throughout the entire school year.  Nurse Notes will be a quarterly publication with the opportunity to also be available as health alerts are needed.  School Nurse partnerships with students, families, school staff and communities have been in place since 1902 and we look forward to building and improving our Partnership for the 21st Century and embracing the 4C's. ( History of our First School Nurse ).
Health Tip: "Don't let the flu mess with you Get your Flu Shots!

Douglas County Board of Education Policy for Administering Medicines to Students Board File: JLCD-E-1 is a policy developed for students when medications are necessary during school and is based on student grade and responsibility level.

The process for administering Tylenol (acetaminophen) to elementary school students has changed. Parents must provide a medication order signed by their Healthcare Provider if their student has a condition that will require Tylenol to be given at school.

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DCSD School Nurse Consultants collaborate and partner with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to ensure the District's compliance to state immunizations laws and requirements. Immunizations are an important part of our children's and the community's health. Colorado law requires students attending a public, private or parochial school to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.

Every Douglas County school has a School Nurse Consultant.  Please notify your School Nurse Consultant of any health concerns or needs your students may have.

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Meet Your DCSD school nurse consultants: These experienced R.N.s provide training and support to schools, ensuring that staff are ready to deal with the medical needs of their students. DCSD's nurses ensure the District's compliance to state laws, including immunization requirements.  Your nurses know that healthy kids learn more and our nursing focus is on the whole child including their families and community resources. School nurse consultants support families and schools to empower students to take ownership of their health and well-being by establishing healthy habits and behaviors.

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