May Updates
Health Promotion: Sun Health

Summer is just around the corner, and we are preparing for the warmer weather. This month, Howard University Medical Students (Dermatology) ran a health promotion class for our patients. They shared information on sun health and skin protection for people of color, and provided patients with some skin care products.

We are grateful for this informative visit, and hope to have the group back again soon!
Celebrating Our Nursing Staff

"Nursing is an embodied profession. It requires one to use their eyes to assess patients, ears to listen closely, intuition and intellect to respond to needs before they become problems, hands to tend to patient care, and feet to be ready to jump in response to an emergency. I love working as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner at Christ House because the model of care celebrates this embodiment, creating space for healing even when not all ails can be cured."
Christ House needs SmarTrip cards!

Patients rely on public transportation to get to and from outside appointments. We are currently in need of SmarTrip cards and are asking for your help.

If you have a SmarTrip card you'd like to donate, please email:
Get Involved
Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about Christ House’s mission? Do you want to volunteer your time to support DC’s homeless population? Will you go the extra mile to support our program and patients through advocacy, fundraising, and volunteering? You should apply to be a Christ House Ambassador! Learn more and apply here.
Neighborhood Walking Tour

Do you want to learn more about Christ House’s mission, the Kairos Recovery Program, and other important local nonprofit organizations? Join us for a neighborhood walking tour led by Christ House staff to learn the history of our block! Our next tour will be Thursday, June 9th at 4pm. Reserve your spot here!
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Christ House Matchmaking Machine: A YLV Reflection
"Here at Christ House, patient healing is our first and foremost priority. Supporting patient sleep health is just one of the many ways our staff provides comprehensive and compassionate care for men experiencing homelessness in DC..."
Christ House featured in Tradeoffs podcast
"Why are a growing number of private insurance companies starting to invest in medical respite — a decades-old way of caring for homeless people?"

Henry Jones felt like he was at the end of the line in the summer of 1991..."
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