Healthiest States - How Does Yours Rank in Latest Study?
America's Health Rankings has had a 25-year history of analyzing state health information and ranking each state on factors including access to health care, obesity rates, infectious diseases, pollution, smoking, and infant mortality.

Hawaii had been the healthiest state for five years until this year when Massachusetts took the top honor in part for their low percentage of uninsured residents, low obesity rates and having a higher number of mental health providers.

(Source: CNN)
Top HealthCare Breaches in 2017

Health care took big hits in 2017. From phishing to ransomware, more than 40 health care systems were attacked.

View a slideshow of the year's largest breaches.

(Source: Healthcare IT News)
Cybersecurity is a Top Concern for Health Care Leaders

A recent survey of 35 large US health systems were interviewed, with respondents including chief informatics officers, chief medical informatics officers or chief nursing informatics officers. Below are the results.

Ninety-two percent of respondents said they were increasing their technology spending for cybersecurity needs, while two-thirds said they were going to increase non-C-suite cybersecurity staff.

Fifty-four percent of surveyed executives said their organization’s cybersecurity spending will focus on identifying potential threats. This includes asset management, governance, risk assessments, and workforce education.

Half of respondents stated that areas such as protective technologies, access control, and  awareness and training  would be top investment areas.

Fifty percent of those surveyed also said that detection measures, including continuous monitoring, would be the focus of cybersecurity spending for 2018.

A lack of talent and immature IT solutions were cited as top challenges by respondents, with 38 percent and 33 percent of those surveyed saying so, respectively.

Network security, consolidating IT systems, and maintaining security on disparate systems in healthcare were also to key cybersecurity challenges.

ACA Marketplace Can Be Confusing

Constantly changing policies and insurers who leave the marketplace are a couple of the downfalls of the Affordable Care Act.

Each year as Americans are encouraged to shop around for coverage, they will most likely find the landscape has changed from the previous year which can leave them scrambling to find an alternative plan before coverage expires.

(Source: Kaiser Health News)
IRS Starts to Enforce ACA Employer Mandates
Although the future of the ACA remains dubious, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is starting to enforce the 2015 employer mandate that imposes fines on businesses that fail to provide insurance options for their employees. IRS letters started going out in October and heavy tax penalties will be issued to companies who have yet to comply with the law. 

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