Newsletter Issue: Vol 7 Issue 3
March 2018 
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stethoscope_dr_pad.jpg My Health Insurance Experiment
for 2018 
I'm going out on a limb this year. I'm trying an HSA (Health Savings Account). I've long been a fan of FSA's (Flexible Spending Accounts), those accounts where you set aside money tax-free to be used for qualified medical expenses.

When Health Spending Accounts first came out, I was cautious. One big advantage they have over FSA's is that whatever you don't use by the end of the year you get to keep. 
Kristin Rodriguez  
tax word 2018 Tax Guide
The legislation popularly known as the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act did not exactly "rewrite the book" of federal tax laws, but it almost seems that way. On January 1, a host of important, new tax provisions entered the Internal Revenue Code, and others were suddenly repealed.

Here is a link to a guide that reviews the major adjustments to the Internal Revenue Code and more:
*            Key tax changes for households
*            Key tax changes for businesses
*            Tax breaks gone in 2018
*            Social Security & Medicare changes
*            COLAs & Phase-Out Range Adjustments
social security card Online Social Security Account
By establishing an online Social Security account and checking it regularly, you may do your part to help the SSA detect criminals who could use your identity to collect or file for benefits.

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March Quote
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
~ Thomas Edison
Monthly Economic Update
Investors certainly received a wake-up call in February. A correction hit Wall Street for the first time in nearly two years....If this long bull market has in fact entered its final phase (as some analysts believe), it appears to have considerable running room left
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