Health Sciences Edition: March 2024

Data Collection for Research: Exploring Qualtrics and REDCap

Have you struggled with finding the right survey tool? Electronic data collection is a key component of many research projects. Watch the recording from this jam-packed session for an introduction to two solutions available in Loyola's research toolkit. You'll discover the differences between Qualtrics and REDCap, and recommendations for when to use each application.

The Transformative Power of Multimedia in Higher Education Online Course Design

In the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, online courses have become a cornerstone of learning, providing flexibility and accessibility to students worldwide. Amid this shift, the role of multimedia in online course design has emerged as a key factor in shaping engaging and effective learning experiences. Read the full article.

Support for Summer 2024 Courses 

Summer 2024 courses are now available! You can schedule a consultation or submit a project request. Types of assistance available:

  • Course development and learning design 
  • Instructional technologies
  • Multimedia
  • Learning analytics 
  • Academic research technologies

Sakai Integrated Tools: Plug and Play

This session is part of the Sakai Integrated Tools Series which leads to a digital badge. It focuses on on-demand, self-directed learning tools available in Loyola's catalog of instructional technologies. Tools such as Labster and Infobase Learning Cloud provide extensive libraries of topic-based learning for use in courses, as supplemental lessons, or for your own professional development. Topics include an overview of Labster and Infobase Learning Cloud, locating relevant content, and adding content to your Sakai site. To learn more about the other sessions in this series or general information on our digital badging program, visit ITRS Pathways.

Thursday, March 14th, 1:00-1:45pm CT 

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Spring into Gradescope: Integrate Assessment in Sakai

Have you considered using AI-assisted grading tools to help streamline assessment scoring? Gradescope is a tool integrated with Sakai that enables you to administer assignments and exams across paper-based, digital, or in-class modalities while grading with streamlined rubric creation and AI feedback. Join this engaging session for an introductory look at Gradescope and how to get started in Sakai.

Thursday, March 21st, 1:00-2:00pm CT

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