September 2016
Health Warriors Unite!
Lots of exciting things are in the works here at HOPE Collaborative. Read on to hear how you can become a Health Warrior and win prizes, get details on the Black Panther Party Anniversary event this weekend, and meet our new Steering Committee members!
Food Systems
Black Panther 50th Anniversary Event at One Stop
One Stop Mural Panel
One Stop (8400 International Blvd), part of HOPE's Healthy Corner Store Pr oject, is organizing an event at their store to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party though the Oakland Bay Area Chapter of Jack & Jill of America. The event will take place Saturday, September 24th from 11am to 1pm.  HOPE and the Nutrition Services division of the Public Health Department will be supporting with activities that highlight healthy food. The goal of the event is to honor the legacy of the Black Panther Party, which had their East Oakland headquarters across the street, and the ways that their Free Food Programs have influenced current food access programs, like school breakfast, and laid a foundation for the food justice work we do today. Youth will be serving breakfast to homeless residents in the morning and giving away bags of groceries to residents (first come basis), to reflect the free breakfast and free food programs. Ms. Tarika Lewis, the first female Black Panther and part of starting the Free Food Program, will be there to speak about her experience as well as the murals she designed that are displayed on the outside of One Stop. There will also be activities, healthy food and smoothie samples, and a raffle for a kid's bicycle. See more details here. We hope to see you there!
School Food
Campaigning for Good Food Purchasing with Oakland Unified School District 
YAB members conducting school food surveys.
We have had a long standing alliance with Oakland Unified School District's Nutrition Services Department to support their efforts in progressing food justice practices. Over the past 3 years, HOPE's Youth Action Board members canvassed schools to uplift student voices to select menu items for the OUSD's California Thursdays. Our efforts brought 468,000 fresh, locally-sourced cooked from scratch weekly meals to 86 schools and 20 child development centers in the 2015-2016 school year alone.

This year, we are partnering with Nutrition Services and the Center for Good Food Purchasing on a campaign to embolden the School Board to pass a policy to direct their buying power towards five core values: local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare, and nutrition for all food purchased through OUSD. Oakland Unified School District Food Services spends about $9 million on food, serves nearly 20,000 daily lunches per day, and is an important source of healthy food for children in the district, about 68% of whom are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

The members of our Youth Action Board will be launching a youth focused social media campaign to rally support from local residents about policy. They will be also starting a letter writing campaign directly to the members of the School Board to pass the policy.  Please look out for both of these campaigns and lend your support. The youth members are waiting for approval of the resolution that outlines the policy. Once this is completed, HOPE will be calling you to action to write your own letter or to contact School Board members to pass the resolution. We look forward to getting your support in bringing more justice to the food brought to young people in school throughout Oakland!
Watch this short video for more info on these policy efforts across the country.
Steering Committee
HOPE's Steering Committee Grows
HOPE Collaborative welcomes our new Steering Committee members: 

Isabel   Hallock - Youth seat
Rio Holaday - Evaluation seat
Erica Jackson - Youth seat
Beth Teper - Fundraising seat
Nakia Woods - At-large seat

Each year, HOPE recruits and selects new members of our decision-making body  that provides leadership, guidance, and strategic direction to the collaborative's work and oversees implementation of our Community Action Plan. Steering Committee members are v oting members, helping to decide how program dollars are allocated and what projects and initiatives to prioritize in order to advance HOPE's vision.  Our newest members represent the diversity of Oakland and bring an impressive collection of skills and community and professional experience to contribute to HOPE's work.  

When asked about their interest in joining the HOPE Steering Committee, Isabel Hallock responded, "I am extremely passionate about the Oakland community. It has been my home for 17 years, and any way that I can help to benefit the lives, sustainability, and culture in my city would be an honor."  Nakia Woods shared, "I have yet to have the chance to work with an organization that does community work in conjunction with policy work. HOPE Collaborative would allow me to do a bit of both."  We are inspired by the enthusiasm and energy of our new members and look forward to their active participation in our work.
Built Environment
Become a Health Warrior and Win Prizes
Are you a warrior? Want to get (or keep) healthy? Then become a Health Warrior with HOPE Collaborative! HOPE - along with partners 81 st  Ave Library, Acta Non Verba, Project Access, and Healthy Corner Store One Stop Market - is launching the Health Warriors project to encourage Oakland residents to eat healthy food and get active.
Image: Rufai Ajala  via Flickr via Creative Commons license
So how does it all work? Just head over to one of our partner locations between September 22
nd and December 6th and have fun joining their healthy activities. They offer yoga, family dance, and cooking classes. There's also a Farm Food & Drinks workshop series. At One Stop market, you can buy discounted fresh fruits and veggies. Not only do you get to break a sweat and learn - for free - at these events, we're offering prizes too! Through HOPE's support, our partners are offering prizes like yoga mats and gift cards for folks who show up the most. And if you attend at least 12 activities at 3 or more locations, you may win a grand prize of family-pack of Warriors tickets, personal training sessions, and more!
Check out the schedule of all the fun activities we have lined up here, and register here. Let's go Health Warriors!
Elmhurst Project Leader Griselda McCoy Hernandez 
Introducing Griselda McCoy Hernandez, a HOPE volunteer and community leader in the East Oakland neighborhood where HOPE has been implementing the Elmhurst Neighborhood Planning Initiative . Griselda has lived in the Elmhurst neighborhood for years and is committed to empowering her community. Griselda is especially dedicated to supporting the education of youth and has been active on the New Highland and RISE elementary campus.

It is through her commitment to the local schools that Griselda was recommended to HOPE as a parent leader. Specifically, for the last year and a half HOPE Collaborative has worked with the campus' Lincoln Family Resource Center, parents, and partner organizations to rehabilitate the New Highland garden and turn the garden into a functioning, community-friendly green space. Before the project, the garden was a potential fire hazard and there were concerns that it would be shut down.   

Due to the project's effort, the garden has greatly improved and the goal for this school year is to establish a practice where parents regularly maintain the garden. Long term, the garden ideally will become a space to grow healthy, local food and support educational instruction.  The achievements of this project would not have been possible without Griselda's leadership.

Griselda took the lead this summer on organizing workdays to maintain the garden while the school was on break. She is continuing the role throughout the school year. Due to Griselda's ability to relate to parents, in English and Spanish, the project benefits from regular support from school parents. Overall, Griselda is a key bridge between parents, school staff, and HOPE.  She commits her time to this project because revitalizing the garden "beautifies the campus, and teaches the children how to grow food. It's also therapeutic for myself, it gives me sense of hope in our community." Thanks to Griselda for her commitment to reimagining and reshaping her community; one plant and garden at a time. Please consider joining Griselda and the garden project during one of their regular workdays.