Friday May 15, 2020
Health & Wellness Newsletter
As we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19 on all of our lives, Special Olympics Connecticut is offering athletes new ways to stay active, healthy and connected through virtual health and fitness opportunities. Find out more here .

SOCTFit5 Facebook Group Recap
We are closing in on Week 7 of our SOCT Fit 5 Facebook Group 8-week Challenge ! Check out all of the great resources that were shared this week with the group below.
Movement Monday
Join SOCT Health Leader, Natasha Cole as she shares here favorite exercise with us!

Natasha chose:
-14 Side Stretches
-14 Quick Punches
-14 Forward Toe Touches
-14 Side Toe Touches
-14 Squats

Take-a-Walk Tuesday
Since everyone is walking so much, we wanted to share this great opportunity to keep walking and support Special Olympics CT at the same time!

Take pictures of you out on your walk and use the hashtags #SOCT , #CTLETR , and #KEEPYOURDISTANCE to encourage others to join you on their own course!

WWE Workout Wednesday
This weeks training is focused on balance!

Balance is important because it helps you to avoid falls and injuries. We need everyone healthy, ready, and injury-free when we are ready to compete again!

30-Minute Thursday
We are slowing down a bit this week with a 30-Minute Yoga flow with Lydia! Yoga is a wonderful workout that can help improve flexibility, muscle strength, and energy.

Fit Foods Friday
We are thankful for our friends at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) department of Nutrition for leading our
Fit Foods Fridays!

This week, USJ shared information about healthy hydration!

Strong Minds Saturday
Coach Gino Caro from Fast Lane Speed Training is back with a message for all of you!

Coach Gino wants to encourage everyone to finish the 8-week Challenge off strong and stay motivated for Virtual Summer Games!

Help us Learn More About Covid-19 Among Individuals with Down Syndrome
The Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS), along with the financial and dissemination support of Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action (DSAIA), Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA (DSMIG-USA), GiGi’s Playhouse, Jerome Lejeune Foundation, LuMind IDSC Foundation, Matthew Foundation, National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices (NTG) and the endorsement of many international Down syndrome organizations, have created a survey for caregivers / family members to complete so that we can learn more about how COVID-19 affects people with Down syndrome (DS). We hope to learn if people with DS are more likely to get sick from COVID-19, and if their illness is related to other health conditions that they may have. We hope that this information will help identify who is at the greatest risk and how to better protect them.

If you care for a person with DS who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19, we invite you to complete this voluntary survey. It will take about 10-20 minutes to complete. It asks for: 1) general information about the person with DS, 2) their current health problems, 3) whether they were tested for COVID-19, 4) COVID-19 symptoms and 5) treatments and outcome.

None of the survey data will be linked to you or the person with DS. In other words, it will be anonymous. You might receive this request to complete the survey many times. Please only complete the survey once for the person with DS for whom you care.
COVID-19 & IDD Advocacy
Two weeks ago, the Department of Developmental Services provided guidance on family members and guardians accompanying a loved one to a hospital admission or emergency department visit during the duration of the pandemic.
The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry , partners of Special Olympics, Inc., has led the effort to improve the quality of healthcare for people with I/DD. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have created a website that can be used as a resource for individuals, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Visit their website for resources and to learn more about their advocacy efforts.
The Arc Connecticut , CT's oldest and largest advocacy organization for those with I/DD, held a presentation on 'Understanding COVID-19 Government Benefits for People with I/DD'. If you missed the presentation, you can find the link to the recording below.
Disability Rights Connecticut provides legal advocacy and rights protection to a wide range of people with disabilities. Visit their website to learn more about their effort to protect the rights of people with disabilities in hospitals.
People First of CT developed by a video by self-advocates for self-advocates and others who want to know some of the most important things to know about COVID-19 to stay safe and healthy.