Friday April 24, 2020
Health & Wellness Newsletter
As we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19 on all of our lives, Special Olympics Connecticut is offering athletes new ways to stay active, healthy and connected through virtual health and fitness opportunities. Find out more here .

SOCTFit5 Facebook Group Recap
We are closing in on Week 4 of our SOCT Fit 5 Facebook Group 8-week Challenge ! Check out all of the great resources that were shared this week with the group below.
Movement Monday
Get moving with these Fit 5 Level 4 Exercises!

Repeat this video three times a day, after each meal, to reach your Fit 5 goal of 30-minutes of physical activity each day!

Take-a-Walk Tuesday
SOCT Health Leader, Angie sent us out on an obstacle course! She encourages you to try three of your favorite exercises while you are out on your walk! Angie chose:
  1. Squat to a bench
  2. Side shuffle hop down her driveway
  3. Walking lunges along the sidewalk

WWE Workout Wednesday
This weeks training is focused on endurance! Endurance is the ability of your body to keep moving for long periods of time. It can help you run farther distances without stopping and practice longer with fewer breaks.

30-Minute Thursday
We are switching things up this week with a 30-Minute Yoga session with Sarah! Yoga is a wonderful workout that can help improve flexibility, muscle strength, and energy.

Fit Foods Friday
We are thankful for our friends at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) department of Nutrition for leading our
Fit Foods Fridays!

This week, USJ shared information about healthy breakfast options for a great way to start your day!

Strong Minds Saturday
Coach Gino Caro from  Fast Lane Speed Training  is back with a message of motivation!

Coach Gino talks about the importance of staying consistent with your at-home workouts. Visualize yourself winning the Gold at your next competition from all of your hard work!

Health Tip of the Week
Keeping your immune system working at its best is important right now. Check out this list of foods you can add to your diet to help boost your immune system!

Foods that contain Beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin D , and Zinc can all naturally boost your immune system! There are many fruits and vegetables that contain these vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D is really important because it aids your body’s natural defense mechanism to infection! Vitamin D has been linked to reduced risk of many diseases including viral and bacterial infections. So, if Vitamin D is so important, what are some healthy ways to add vitamin D to your diet!?
  • Fish including salmon, cod, tuna, and tilapia.
  • Milk including whole milk, almond milk and soymilk.
  • Mushrooms are a great plant-based source of vitamin D.
  • Hard boiled eggs are a great snack option for added vitamin D.
Sports & Local Program Updates
Coaches Corner
Special Olympics International has provided a new online fitness training that can re-certify coaches in their sports for an additional three years. This is in-conjunction with the current online courses in the Coaches Corner on the SOCT website.

This course can be found on the Special Olympics E-Learning Platform. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you complete the course. Please keep a copy of this confirmation for your records. For re-certification, please complete the following:

  1. Register and take the course Fitness for the Sports Coach
  2. Send the Completion Confirmation emails to: