Health & Wellness
Town Halls

Dear St. Philip’s Parents, 
The week of May 4th we will be offering Health & Wellness Town Halls for you to hear from our School Counselor, the School Nurse, and our School Chaplain. We would like to provide a safe space for anyone looking for support and guidance during these challenging times. The focus will be on managing our new normals around schedules and work/life balance, addressing children’s questions in an age-appropriate manner, and finding ways to maintain authentic connections while distancing physically.     

There will be time at the end of each session reserved for Q & A. Please find links to the corresponding session for your student(s) below:

We look forward to connecting with you next week!


Molli Robbins , LCSW
School Counselor

Stephanie Begert , BSN, RN
School Nurse

School Chaplain