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Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day was first observed following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. It began as a tribute to the fallen American soldiers on both sides of the battle, paying tribute to the lives lost by decorating graves with flowers and reciting prayers. Memorial Day provided a nation divided by civil war with a uniting purpose, much like we have today, a nation divided by political discourse fighting an invisible enemy, coronavirus clearly evident in our communities by the rising death tolls. I hope we can come together to defeat this challenge facing the world. Physical distancing, hand washing and avoiding crowds remains our most important defense against coronavirus until a vaccine is available. As states reopen, it is important to be as informed as you can be about the spread of the coronavirus in your area and what you can do to stop it. The epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University have created a COVID-19 tracker where you can see the new infections in your state. While many states are still seeing cases trending upwards, others are trending downward and others holding steady. However, your behavior – all of our behavior – has an effect on those trends and the health of everyone in your community. Please be respectful of everyone around you and do your part.
What People With Bleeding Disorders
Should Know
If you have hemophilia with inhibitors, you probably have a lot of questions about the risks of COVID-19. Join us on Friday, May 29 th for Hemophilia with Inhibitors: Coping During COVID-19 . Drs. Tammuella (Tami) Singleton of Children’s Hospital New Orleans and Tyler Buckner of the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center of University of Colorado will explain what you need to know, and what precautions you need to take, if you have hemophilia with an inhibitor. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions you may have.
Assessing Risk During the Reopening
All fifty states have begun “reopening” – loosening restrictions around gatherings and how businesses can operate. However, nothing has changed about the transmission or danger of the virus. Thinking about activities and behavior in terms of risk reduction , rather than risk elimination , can help guide you as you navigate reopening in your community.

What Parents Should Know About Reopening
Kids are itching to see their friends, have the run of the playground, and generally get back to the practice of being a kid. Health experts offer advice on playdates, playgrounds, hiring a babysitter, while ensuring your family and friends stay as protected as possible. (Link requires a login, but not a subscription.)

How Contact Tracing Works
While you may have heard of contact tracing only recently, it’s actually a method that has been used in fighting pandemics all around the world for some time. This video gives a succinct explanation of how contact tracing is used, and why you should participate, if called upon, to help keep your community safe.

Health & Exercise
Yoga is more fun when you can do it with a monkey. Moovlee’s YouTube channel features a cartoon monkey who silently guides kids through fun animals poses, kung fu moves, a race through the solar system and more. For young children especially, this is a fun way to stay active indoors.

Mental Health
Want to take a break from the news and watch something delightful for the whole family? Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has enlisted celebrities to join him in a reading of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book, “James and the Giant Peach.” Featuring Chris Hemsworth, Meryl Streep, Nick Kroll, Mindy Kaling, Olivia Wilde and many more, the readings are posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm ET.

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