The Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) is the only health center purchasing alliance. The DPA enhances the benefits of traditional GPO and secures increased savings for:

  • Medical supplies
  • Equipment
  • Dental supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Translation and interpretation services

Owned and operated by community health centers, the DPA was launched in 2016 by an HCCN in partnership with Community Health VenturesNACHCs business development affiliate. Because of its success, DPA members are opening the program to new FQHCs, including your organization.


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Community Health Best Practices, LLC is a network of leading federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) partnering to improve the health of the communities we serve.
Community Health Ventures (CHV) is the business development affiliate of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).
Provista, a leader in group purchasing, applies the collective buying power of members to deliver best-in-class sourcing and analytic services across multiple industries.
The Value in Purchasing (ViP) program is the only national group purchasing program endorsed by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). The discount medical supplies purchasing program is simple and user-friendly. In most cases, Health Centers will start experiencing savings immediately.

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Want to learn more about how ViP can help save you money? To learn more about this special offer or to enroll in ViP, please contact: Rodrigo Peredo -, Alex Vactor - or Bob Piacine -


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