Advent Lutheran Church IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!
May 15, 2020

Advent Family,  

This emergency eNEWS will cause alarm but it has a happy ending so do not despair as you begin reading it!

Yesterday, Pastor Ward experienced chest pain, shortness of breath, and numbness down his arms again after having similar episodes for several weeks.   While he had had conversations with his doctor about this, he still had not received a referral to a cardiologist.    Thankfully, he reached out to a cousin in Durham who contacted her cardiologist who then made arrangements for Ward to come to the hospital in Durham.

Ward immediately left for Durham and was admitted to the hospital last night.  Tests showed a 95% blockage of his main artery to his heart and a stent was put in today.    He is doing great but they are keeping him overnight tonight again.

What a wonderful blessing for Ward, his family, and for Advent that Ward pursued this yesterday and that he now has a new lease on life.   Please add Ward to your prayers for a complete and quick recovery and give God praise and thanksgiving for this wonderful blessing!

There will be NO Advent worship service on the website this Sunday, May 17.    Once Ward is released from the hospital, we'll let him direct us in what will take place next.

In the absence of an Advent worship service, there are options available through the NC Synod.    Click here for the link to the list provided by the Synod for churches in NC that are recording services each week.  There is no link there for you to connect directly to the church so you will have to look them up on the internet to get to their link to their service.    Certainly, we have close relationships with Holy Trinity and Morningstar here in Charlotte and both offer online worship.  

Morningstar's service is at 8:30 on Sunday -- Click here to access their page and scroll down to the 17th and click on "Watch now".

Holy Trinity is at 11am -- Click here to access their page and follow the instructions to access the service by Zoom.

Additional details will be provided to all of you as they become known.  Prayers are the best for right now but if you'd like to send him an email or text, he'll certainly see them in time.   We should exercise restraint in calling him at this time.