Health in Harmony
January/February 2017
Upcoming Events
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Nutrition for Cancer Survivors
Wednesdays, Feb. 1, 8, 15 & 22 at 5:30-6:30pm, Stony Point library

Join Elizabeth Miller, R.D., C.S.O., registered dietitian at Massey, for a series of four workshops ab out the connection between nutrition and cancer survivorship. 
Beyond the Diagnosis
Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 
5-6:30pm and Thursday, Feb. 16 at 10-11:30am, Stony Point library

Beyond the Diagnosis is a workshop to help patients, survivors and caregiv ers prepare for insurance, legal matters and other financial issues related to cancer.  More info .
Open Support Group
Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 10:30-11:30am, downtown library

Open to all cancer survivors and their loved ones. Discuss your journe y with others who have been down the same path. More info .
Chemo 101
Thursday, Feb. 9 at 11am-12pm, downtown library

Join us for an overview of chemotherapy, its side effects and some tips on how to manage those side effects. Feel free to bring your lunch!  More info .
Advanced Care Planning
Monday, Feb. 13 at 9am, downtown library and Wednesday, Feb. 15, Stony Point library

Clarify your long-term health goals and reflect on what it means to "live well" with this workshop covering many important issues associated with healthcare decision making.  More info .
Wellness Workshops at the Petersburg Public Library
Weekly in the library's Healthy Living and Learning Center

The Healthy Living and Learning Center at the Petersburg Public Library offers a var iety of weekly wellness classes including Yoga, Circuit Training, Tai Chi and Sit & Be Fit. These classes are free and open to the public. More info .
With the holidays behind us, many are looking for ways to get more active. This month's Health in Harmony focuses on yoga, one of the most widely practiced integrative health approaches in the U.S. Our Pillars of Health and Myths and Facts sections both offer advice to cancer patients and survivors interested in trying yoga, while our Team Member Highlight profiles our very own yoga guru, Mary Shall, Ph.D.

After reading Massey dietitian Elizabeth Miller's protein-packed Recipe Corner, consider attending her Nutrition for Cancer Survivors workshops, held every Wednesday in February from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at our Stony Point Patient Resource Library.

We're bringing you lots of other great educational events and support groups in February, including the first in a series of four monthly Wellness for Women with Breast Cancer workshops on February 27.

Enjoy reading, and give us a call at (804) 828-8478 if you have questions about our events or any of our integrative health resources!
The Pillars of Health
Regaining Control through Yoga

Yoga is a mind and body practice with origins in ancient Indian philosophy, but did you know it can also help with a host of physical and mental side effects caused by cancer and its treatments? Read more.
Integrative Health Team Member Highlight
Mary Shall, Ph.D.

Mary Shall, Ph.D., is chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the VCU School of Allied Health Professions. She has served on Massey's Integrative Health Committee for years and has taught several yoga workshops for cancer patients and survivors. In this month's Team Member Highlight, Mary discusses her role as department chair, how she got into yoga and her own experience as an ovarian cancer survivor.  Read more.
Myths and Facts
Yoga Facts

This month, we are going to deal only in facts! One of the most popular integrative health modalities is yoga, but that one word encompasses a variety of practices. Learn about the various styles to figure out which is best for you.  
Recipe Corner
Three-Bean Chili & Avocado, Black Bean and Brown Rice Salad

Beans are an important source of protein in plant-based diets, keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy and can lower the risk for diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions. With all of these bean benefits, why wouldn't you want to give these recipes a try?  Read more.

Event Highlight
Wellness for Women with Breast Cancer 
Monday, Feb. 27 at 4-5:30pm, Richmond Public Library

Mary Helen Hackney, M.D., will discuss why understanding the various types of breast cancer is important for treatment planning.  More info .
Massey does not endorse all integrative health practices. We only recommend those that are known to be safe and have the potential to improve health when used alongside, and never in place of, professional medical care. All cancer patients are advised to consult with their physician before starting any integrative health practice, as some may interfere with medical care. Please call (804) 828-8478 for more information about our Integrative Health program. 
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