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Latest research & best practices to reduce/replace live rodent sentinel monitoring

Thank you to Drs. Sue Dowling, Christina Pettan-Brewer, Patricia Foley, & Chris Manuel for sharing their expertise. Multiple institutions have already shared that they will be switching to full environmental monitoring after viewing this webinar. Stay tuned for more resources!


Refinements in rabbit housing & handling

Visit our rabbit resource page to learn more about the latest best practices. We link to extensive resources for evidence & how to practically implement social housing, enrichment, restraint, blood sampling, and more. Thanks for Sarah Thurston from U. of Michigan for the help.


Refinements in rodent housing & handling

Visit our rodent resource page to learn more about the latest best practices for housing rats & mice. We link to extensive resources for evidence & how to practically implement best housing, enrichment, restraint, blood sampling, and more.


The latest 3Rs research

Want to learn about the latest 3Rs research, but don't have much time? Listen to 3-Minute 3Rs where we share 3 new articles in just 3 minutes! Produced by Lab Animal in conjunction with NC3Rs.


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We hope you enjoyed the 3Rs webinar “Applications in Developing Technologies for Rodent Health Surveillance.” I look forward to many more! 

I was looking at the goals the leadership team had set at the beginning of the year, before all our lives changed by the pandemic. I was astonished at the movement and progression there has been in the organization, in spite of all the obstacles that we have all had to deal with. Due to the unwavering dedication of Megan our Fellow, and the leadership team, we have crushed the goals and we look forward to the momentum of the organization moving forward into more collaborations and partnerships to further the reach and advancement of the 3Rs principles.

As the weather begins to change and I wake up to the brisk mornings, I feel an invigorating energy within. We are moving and reacting to all the wonderful things ahead. 

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world - Anne Frank


Lisa Stanislawzyk
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