November-December 2018
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"Oh, for a good night's sleep!"
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Recommended for everyone over age 50, the new, more effective shingles vaccine is so popular that demand has outstripped supply. Learn about its benefits, insurance coverage, tips for locating in-stock supplies, and what to do if you miss getting the second shot on the recommended schedule.
The Santa Rosa fires of 2017 were a wake-up call if you live near an urban-rural interface. The next few months, with temperatures pleasant for working outdoors, will be a great time to lower your home's vulnerability to wildfires
Here is advice on caring for a vomiting child and deciding whether a doctor should be consulted.  
Learn how you can be supportive of a loved one with a mental health condition. And if you have a mental health condition, here are some tips for coping with less-than-supportive friends and family.  

Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

People who have trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) and dermatillomania (skin picking, or excoriation disorder) cannot resist an urge to pull out their hair or pick at their skin despite attempts to stop. Once believed to be rare conditions, they are actually rather common. Collectively called "body-focused repetitive behaviors," BFRBs typically start shortly before or during adolescence. Treatment often combines behavioral therapy and medication.
These articles provide basic information about trichotillomania and dermatillomania; you may also want to read an in-depth article from The Atlantic. If you or a loved one has one of these conditions, locating a support group or therapist with BFRB expertise may be helpful.   
The Flu
Last winter saw very high rates of illness, hospitalization, and death from influenza, due in part to an unusually low rate of vaccination. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advocates flu immunization for nearly everyone over six months of age. Learn about -
Exercising After Age 60
Regular exercise helps us maintain our capacity to enjoy fun activities and manage daily chores as we get older. However, a few exercises are unsafe for most people over age 60, and a few others are often inadvisable. Learn which exercises are beneficial for most seniors - and which most seniors should avoid. Here is additional information on exercising if you have osteoporosis 

Coping with Chronic Pain
Psychotherapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) often helps people better cope with chronic pain, and avoids the side effects and risk of addiction that drugs can pose. Psychologists who provide help with pain management may be located via the American Psychological Association's locator. In addition, a few researchers in the Bay Area are currently recruiting patients to participate in studies of CBT for pain
Using Cannabidiol
One of the many chemical compounds in marijuana, cannabidiol was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy. If you are among the many people eager to use CBD for another condition, information about its effectiveness, safety, dosing, legality, and availability will be helpful. Further details are here.
Doctors are advised to closely monitor patients who use CBD and any of 198 other drugs. You can look for the generic names of your medications in a list of drugs that may interact with CBD.
"Oh, for a good night's sleep!"
PlaneTree staff will present a program for seniors who have problems with sleep. A question-and-answer period will follow this free, public event in the Senior Center Laurel Room, Sunnyvale Community Center on Monday, November 5 from 9:30 to 10:30.

All events are open to the public. Some require pre-registration.
.....* Fee for participation

Mountain View - 2-session class with multiple start dates
Medicare basics
Mountain View - Tues., 11/13
Covered California
San Jose - Wednesdays through 1/16
San Jose - Sat., 11/3
Nutrition for people with diabetes & pre-diabetes
Gilroy - Sat., 11/3  
Cupertino - Mon., 11/5
Campbell - Thurs., 11/8 
Milpitas - Thurs., 11/15
Sleep problems among seniors, a PlaneTree Health Library presentation
Sunnyvale - Fri., 11/9 (see article above) 
San Jose - Tues., 11/13
Coping with the holidays as a cancer patient or survivor
Mountain View - Tues., 11/13
Santa Clara - Tues., 11/13
Los Gatos - Wed., 11/14
Santa Clara - Mon., 11/19
Mountain View - Tues., 11/20 or 12/18
San Jose - Tues., 11/20
Mountain View - 3-session class begins Mon., 11/26
Sunnyvale - 4-session class begins Wed., 11/28
San Jose - Wed., 12/5
Gilroy - Thurs., 12/6

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