29 May 2020

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A new study into food labelling has shown the current Health Star Rating system may be misleading consumers by giving a 'health halo' to many popular junk foods, including those marketed to children.

… and let’s not forget the issues around lower ratings for healthier foods, like EVOO!

Three months into his new role, federal Water Minister Keith Pitt has refused to rule in or out splitting the Murray Darling Basin Authority or say when the Sefton report will be released.

While others are speaking out …

A major player in Australian agriculture and water rights in the Murray-Darling Basin says a surge in intensive farming and horticulture around the vast river system will only increase demand for the finite supply of irrigation water.
Profits from the levy would be used to implement measures to prevent pests like the fall armyworm. (Supplied: Daniel Rodriguez)

After more than a year of lobbying by cement, minerals and freight industry groups, the Federal Government has abandoned a promise that would raise hundreds of millions of dollars to protect Australian farmers from pests and diseases.
Measuring impacts of changes to the Horticulture Award

On 15 April 2019 changes to the Horticulture Award came into effect, relating to ordinary hours of work, night loading and overtime entitlements. The Horticulture Award National Survey aims to capture changes to employment practices as a result of the Award changes, with the results used to advocate for future changes to the Award. 
Find out more and complete the survey here.

Fruit, vegetable, nut and other horticultural producers eyeing off future export opportunities will benefit from a $1 million Tasmanian agrifood export hub.

A new state government campaign urging South Australians to take up seasonal work in primary industries across the state in an effort to fill vacancies usually filled by interstate and international travellers.

SA growers, you may find that pruning crew after all!
Theo and Matt are both SELLING OLIVE EQUIPMENT and they’re letting olive producers know through the OliveBiz Classifieds
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The home-delivered fruit and vegetable box has been one of the economic winners during COVID-19 isolation. In particular, the demand for organically grown produce has sky-rocketed.

The really good news is that the demand for organic produce in general has boomed.
Tas: TFGA biosecurity survey
In collaboration with Biosecurity Tasmania, the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) is entering the third year of its four-year Farm Biosecurity Project. Through the community engagement project, the TFGA to work to educate farmers and the wider community about on-farm biosecurity risks, and to illustrate simple strategies to protect Tasmanian farms from potential pests, weeds and diseases.
Tasmanian growers are encouraged to share their understanding and views on the topic by completing the TFGA Farm Biosecurity Project Survey – it takes around a minute to complete, and they’d really appreciate it.
Learn more about the project here.
NSW: assistance to reduce energy usage and costs

The NSW Department of Industry, Planning & Environment (DPIE) is offering up to 20 hours of free consulting to businesses spending at least $30,000 per annum on energy. An Energy Coach will work with you to identify energy conservation measures, prepare a business case and assist in applying for further DPIE funding to upgrade or replace equipment to improve energy processes.
More information and apply here.
IFAM Sydney-Shanghai flight now available
The International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) is now supporting outbound flights between Sydney and Shanghai, rebuilding a key route to a major market for Australian producers. 
Current scheduled IFAM flights now run between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide to (variously) Shanghai, Tokyo, Signapore, Hong Kong and Auckland – view flight information and schedules, and submit an EOI to access flights here.
In addition to IFAM flights, alternative air freight options include domestic network flights, international repatriation flights and international commercial freight only flights. More information here.
Online Marketing webinar #2 – register now and learn to drive online sales for FREE!
The second event in the Digital Marketing Webinar Series is happening next Tuesday and if you’re looking to increase – or commence – online sales, this is one you don’t want to miss!
Guided by 2019 National Conference presenter Lauren Hamilton of Digital Narrative, the webinars are designed for those looking to set up an online presence and/or wanting to sharpen their online marketing skills. The series is especially timely for those who have had to adapt their sales models due to the COVID-19 induced collapse of food service and farmers markets around the country.
The webinar will be in Zoom meeting format and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter. 
Webinar 2: How to drive online sales using free digital marketing
Topics covered will include:
  • free social media options, incl influencers
  • newsletters
  • collaborations
  • PR
Details: Tuesday, 2 June, 12:30-13:30pm AEST. Registrations close 1 June, 4pm AEST. 
Don’t miss out on this FREE opportunity to get your digital marketing sorted – register here.

These webinars are part of the Olive levy project Australian olive industry communications and extension program (OL18000), funded by Hort Innovation, using the Hort Innovation olive research and development levy, co-investment from the Australian Olive Association and contributions from the Australian Government.
Royal Adelaide Olive Awards

With the cancellation of the 2020 Royal Adelaide Show due to COVID-19 restrictions, Olives SA and the RA&HS are working through alternative logistics for running the Royal Adelaide Olive Oil Awards competition this year. It is anticipated that entries for both oils and table olives would close in July, with delivery and judging in August and results to follow in late August. The price per entry would remain the same as the last two years, $100 per entry.
They need to assess the level of interest from exhibitors to progress the initiative, so are asking producers to provide the following information:
  • products to be entered – EVOO and/or Table Olives
  • number of expected entries
Please send your responses to OlivesSA at oops@aussiebroadband.com.au by close of business today, so a decision can be made and planning can proceed.
New Zealand

Olives New Zealand has long been pushing the merits of homegrown olive oil and demonstrated through taste tests the Kiwi product is often superior to imported oil.

Through its Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food, Spain has formally asked the European Union to act again to combat low prices in the olive oil market.

And …

The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), a trade group, has filed a citizen petition with the United States Food and Drug Administration asking the agency to create a standard of identity (SOI) for olive oil and olive-pomace oils.

20-May-2020 By Flora Southey

Much of plastic recycling labelling is ‘confusing and inconsistent’, according to a global assessment of recycling and sustainability labelling. The UN Environment Programme and Consumers International have set out five global recommendations for change.
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European countries produce two in three bottles of olive oil consumed worldwide. Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2019, the olive oil sector has been suffering from one of the most severe price crises in history. Hundreds of thousands of olive farms risk having to abandon their activities due to a lack of profitability. 

Maybe this will help?

The European Commission has announced that it will be flexible when introducing market support programs to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.K. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has issued new guidelines on bringing olive and almond plants into the UK. The new rules were introduced to prevent Xylella fastidiosa from entering the country and apply to plants imported from both EU-member states and non-EU countries.

By Elizabeth Crawford 

While consumer interest in where food comes from and how it is produced has been growing in recent years, an organic industry leader says the coronavirus pandemic has turbocharged shoppers’ interest in local, organic and sustainably produced products as well as alternative distribution channels. 
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1 June 
Deadline for entries, 15th China International Olive Oil Competition – Beijing, China

2 June
AOA Webinar Series, Event #5 - Australia

9 June
AOA Webinar Series, Event #6 - Australia

12 June
Closing date for entry EOI, Golden Olive Awards – Vic, Australia

20 June 20
Winners announced, Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition – LA, USA

1 July
Entries open, 2020 Australian International Olive Awards

6 July
Closing date for samples, Golden Olive Awards – Vic, Australia

29 August
Results announced, Golden Olive Awards – Vic, Australia

September TBA
World Team Tasting Championship

4 September
Entries close, 2020 Australian International Olive Awards

11 September 
Entries close, 2020 Hunter Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

5 October
Results emailed to entrants, 2020 Australian International Olive Awards

22 October
Awards Presentation, 2020 Hunter Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW


23-25 March
Soil CRC Participants Conference

7-9 June 
Hort Connections 2021 – Brisbane, Qld

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AOA National Olive Conference & Trade Exhibition – Devonport, TAS

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