19 April 2019

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Public health experts and Woolworths oppose a change to the health star ratings that would signal olive oil was not as healthy as canola and sunflower oils. The health star ratings, the government-backed system that assigns food a health score out of five to guide consumers to make healthier choices, are not currently displayed on many edible oils.
Happy Easter!

No, you haven’t lost a day this week, we’re just bringing Friday Olive Extracts to you today so you can (hopefully) enjoy an email-free long weekend. With harvest very close now, it’ll no doubt be one of the last opportunities for many growers to relax and enjoy some downtime with family and friends. 
Best wishes to all from the FOE and AOA teams for a safe and happy Easter break.
ABC Life: Julia Busuttil Nishimura.
"Olive oil runs through our veins," my mum would always say — and, well, it is one of those ingredients I simply cannot live without. When I lived in Italy, I was delighted to find an olive oil tap in the kitchen of the house where I worked. No, it wasn't an endless supply but it was connected to a 50-litre vat behind a wall. I had found my people!

A healthy way to eat chocolate at Easter – and who doesn’t want a kitchen olive oil tap!
Exercise Crown and Anchor tests biosecurity response

The National Biosecurity Response Team (NBRT), a cohort of trained and experienced staff from across Australia with recognised skills in biosecurity emergency responses, tested their ability to effectively deliver biosecurity responses in Commonwealth places as part of Exercise Crown and Anchor, held in Canberra on 25–28 March 2019. Read more here.
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Dead tree detectives sought
Volunteers are sought for the Dead Tree Detective, a Western Sydney University project aiming to record where and when trees have died in Australia, to determine whether more Australian native trees are dying due to recent drought conditions than in the past. Taking part is easy: if you notice dead or dying trees in your area, just upload a photograph with the date and location. More information and sign up here.
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12-Apr-2019 By Cheryl Tay 

A new study has highlighted the deterioration of diets as Australian women age, but one author has questioned the need for protein supplements and functional foods to offset the decline. 

Many of the issues raised support the call to eat more EVOO as we age.
New Hort Award provisions now in effect
The Fair Work Commission has issued a decision to vary the Horticulture Award to provide overtime rates, ordinary hours and public holiday rates for casuals and these changes are now in effect. Employers are urged to familiarize themselves with the new provisions and use the Fair Work Ombudsman Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) Calculator for assistance. Access it here and if you need further assistance contact the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.

Greater trust needs to be built between consumers and food providers if public confidence is to be ensured over adequate food safety measures. That's one of the outcomes from a Flinders University study which has gone over the relationship between food safety and consumers. 
Nominations for Australia’s best Young Grower closing soon

Corteva Agriscience™ is looking for Australia’s best young grower, to celebrate their achievements through the 2019 Corteva Young Grower of the Year Award.
The Awards honour growers aged 35 years or less in the Australian horticulture industry who champion the success of the industry and show a commitment to innovation, helping to define the next generations of growers. The award is part of the AUSVEG National Awards for Excellence, which will be presented on Wednesday 26 June during the Hort Connections convention in Melbourne.
Entries close on Friday, April 26 - so nominate now here.
Tas: support to build export markets

Tasmania’s New Market Expansion Program is open to small-and-medium-sized enterprises with a sales turnover of between $300,000 and $20m. Eligible applicants receive a financial rebate to offset the costs of market research and business matching services, promotional activities and materials including advertising, attending trade exhibitions and promotions, assisting with inbound buyers' visits to Tasmania and travelling to undertake marketing activities. To find out more, email trade@stategrowth.tas.gov.au.
Vic: On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grants

The Victorian Government is providing On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grants to eligible businesses for on-farm infrastructure that improves drought management and preparedness. Grants of up to $5,000 are available on a dollar-for-dollar co-contribution basis for improvements including irrigation system upgrades and farm monitoring technology. More information here.
New Zealand
2019 NZ EVOO Awards Dinner

Details have been announced for the 2019 NZ EVOO Awards Dinner, which will be held on Saturday, 12 October at the Bolton Hotel, Wellington, commencing at 6.30pm. There will be limited accommodation available and rooms will be able to be booked on the Awards Dinner Registration form.
ONZ EO Gayle Sheridan has provided a heads-up that there’s also another big event on in Wellington that weekend, so you might want to look at booking flights now. We’ll let you know in FOE when registrations open.
Focus Grove Field Days provide a ‘bunch’ of grove lessons
The final round of Olives NZ Focus Grove Project Field Days were held in March, with the dramatic results of the four-year project clearly on display. Healthy trees with lush growth and bunches of fruit (see above) have replaced trees cropping lightly and biennially, and struggling to combat pests and disease issues. It’s an incredible outcome, and you can read all about it in the coming June edition of Olivegrower & Processor.
15-Apr-2019 By Oliver Morrison 

The number of cases reported to the EU Food Fraud Network rose significantly last year. Requests from one European country to cooperate with others on food fraud cases rose to 234 in 2018, compared to 178 in 2017 and 157 in 2016, according to its annual report. 
Mechanized picking isn’t in the cards for Rancho Olivos Olive Oil, where everything is hand-picked.
The trend in California’s olive industry is toward mechanical picking, but local growers say they’ll stick with hand harvesting instead. John Copeland of Rancho Olivos Olive Oil says the industry trend of using picking machines isn’t a sustainable option for his operation.
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Olive, macadamia, avocado, coconut - the variety of oils stocking our supermarket shelves can be quite confusing. And while coconut oil has risen in popularity, it's not the superfood that it's touted to be. Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill explains which oil reigns supreme when it comes to the kitchen and your health.

She debunks the two biggest myths in simple, straightforward terms. Good stuff!

Lavandin, a close relative of lavender, has been introduced in Andalusian olive groves as a complementary crop that can help fight erosion, support biodiversity and foster sustainable development.

16-Apr-2019 By Nikki Cutler 

The world of nutrition has evolved faster than education or legislation and it’s time for nutrition experts to be at the forefront of new technologies set to shake the industry, because if you can’t beat them, you have to join them. 
Ensuring a fact-based voice for nutrition experts … sounds like the great work being done by our own Olive Wellness Institute!
What's On

29 April
Regenerative Agriculture seminar – Dunkeld, Vic

Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums – all states, Australia 

5-10 May – New York International Olive Oil Competition – New York, USA

11-14 May
1st China Training Course of Olive Oil Tasters - Shanghai China

14-16 May
Oil China Expo 2019 + Summit Forum - Shanghai China

1 July 
Entries open, Australian International Olive Awards – Sydney, NSW

19-24 July
OLIVE JAPAN SHOW 2019 – Tokyo, Japan

30 August
Entries close, Australian International Olive Awards – Sydney, NSW

4 October
Entries close, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

12 October
ONZ EVOO Awards Dinner – Wellington, NZ 

18 October
Presentation dinner, Australian International Olive Awards – Albury, NSW

16-19 October
2019 National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition – Albury, NSW

14 November
Awards presentation, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

9-12 February
World Congress on Oils & Fats – Sydney, Australia

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