January 2021
Mountain Family Health Centers: Health For All 2021
by Ross Brooks, CEO, patient

The American Community Health Center movement was birthed in the 1960’s in large part by two visionary physicians, Dr. Jack Geiger and Dr. John Hatch. Under the Johnson Administration’s War on Poverty, Dr. Geiger and Dr. Hatch launched the country’s first Community Health Centers, providing access to affordable healthcare and social services. 

Dr. Geiger believed “that doctors should use their expertise and moral authority not just to treat illness but also to change the conditions that made people sick in the first place: poverty, hunger, discrimination, joblessness and lack of education.”

Dr. Matt Percy Answers Your Questions About Coronavirus Vaccines
I’m Matt Percy, a Family Doctor and part of the Chief Medical Team at Mountain Family Health Centers. I was recently privileged to receive my first dose of the new coronavirus vaccine and would like to take this opportunity to answer some common questions about the vaccine. This is a real chance to end a deadly pandemic and I hope you all receive the vaccine as soon as it is available to you.

How does the vaccine work?
Both vaccines currently available in the United States are messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. mRNA is a genetic “recipe” that is used by your cells as instructions for building proteins. These vaccines introduce into your cells mRNA that codes for a specific protein, called the spike protein, which is found on the surface of the novel coronavirus. Your body then produces some of this spike protein, which, by itself, is harmless.

Thank You Donors
by Jan Jennings, Development Director

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Health For All Fund and our 2020 Rescue Fund Matching Gift program in 2020. We are pleased to say that over 100 donors stepped forward at year-end, enabling us to claim $100,000 in matching funds from the 2020 Rescue Fund.

Over 100 donors contributed more than $136,000. Plus, we welcomed over 45 Founding Members. When you make a pledge of your gift over three years, this commitment will qualify you as a Founding Member of our new Mountain Family Health For All Fund. We were also pleased that some foundations and businesses contributed to this fund, including the Alpenglow Foundation, The Aspen Skiing Company Family Foundation, FirstBank, RA Nelson, and InSight Coaching & Consulting.

For more information on giving:

Jan Jennings
Development Director
Avon School-Based Health Center is now a Tier 1 Provider
Mountain Family is proud to announce that, as of December 2020, the Avon School-Based Health Center at Mountain Family has received its recognition as a Tier 1 Primary Care Medical Provider (PCMP) by Rocky Mountain Health Plans. As a Tier 1 Provider, Avon has demonstrated their use of team-based care practices to provide high quality, integrated health care to our patients while reducing fragmentation within the health system. Avon will have access to additional support, resources and tools provided by RMHP to ensure continued success in the program. Located within the walls of Avon Elementary School, the health center was required to meet strict criteria that demonstrates our communication and coordination efforts to ensure patient needs are met. The staff at the health center showed passion and drive to make changes and adjustments in their workflows to better serve the needs of our population. 

Congratulations to our January 2021 Award Winners
Mariposa Award Winner:
Devon Spaulding

"Devon’s dedication and service to our workforce is incredible to witness daily. Watching her grow from a new college graduate into an experienced professional throughout her MFHC career has been an honor. Devon shows commitment to serving everyone at MFHC to the best of her ability no matter how big or small the task. She is open to new ideas and thinks creatively on how to resolve challenges. When faced with challenges, Devon responds with action. In her actions, we get to witness the results of what a clear vision combined with unwavering dedication will do for success. It is a joy and a privilege to have her part of the HR Team. Thank you, Devon."
-Scott Owens, HR Director

Exemplary Care Award Winners:
Barb Corcoran, Maria Roques and Nataly Meraz

"I saw a patient on Monday who told me a story about her daughter who had a baby a month ago. The woman had to have a c section due to complications during labor. She went home as usual a few days later. Within the week of discharge from the hospital, however, the woman began to have abdominal cramping that continued to worsen. Eventually she went to the ER for evaluation and was found to have a perforation in her uterus and bowel that occurred during the c section. She was developing an infection and required a second surgery. The woman was re-hospitalized and had to be separated from her baby for 9 days..." -Jenny Burns, RN

Words to Remember
We must live in the radiance of tomorrow, as our ancestors have suggested in their tales. For what is yet to come tomorrow has possibilities, and we must think of it, the simplest glimpse of that possibility of goodness. That will be our strength. That has always been our strength.

― Ishmael Beah, Radiance of Tomorrow
Welcome Nicole Falcon, Behavioral Health Provider
Nicole Falcon, FNP-C, MSN, BSN, RN, is from Houston, Texas where she has been practicing outpatient child, adolescent and adult psychiatry as a mental health nurse practitioner since 2015. Her love for Colorado began in childhood when her family would vacation in the summer. The community integrative healthcare and outdoor activity is what drew her to Mountain Family. 

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What We're Reading
H. Jack Geiger, Doctor Who Fought Social Ills, Dies at 95

He used medicine to take on poverty, racism and the threat of nuclear destruction. Two groups he helped start won Nobel Peace Prizes.

by Denise Grady, New York Times

Dr. H. Jack Geiger, who ran away to Harlem as a teenager and emerged a lifelong civil rights activist, helping to bring medical care and services to impoverished regions and to start two antiwar doctors groups that shared in Nobel Peace Prizes, died on Monday at his home in Brooklyn. He was 95.