Our October 28th Webinar Series event, The Care We All Strive For: The Impact of Interoperability, was presented by Surescripts and included a two-act skit with four fictional healthcare stakeholders: a patient, a provider, a pharmacist, and a health plan executive.

In the webinar, these healthcare stakeholders shared their 'before & after' experience and view on how interoperability helps to enrich the patient experience, improve outcomes, lower costs, and improve healthcare provider well-being; the four elements of the Quadruple Aim.
Check out the webinar recording here!
And see our recent blog post, Healthcare System Interoperability – The Key To The Care We All Strive For, for highlights from the webinar including responses to the Q & A session at the end of the webinar.
A Faxless Future: Dare We Dream?
Did you know that the fax machine accounts for 75% of all medical communication?
In the webinar, the physician, pharmacist, and health plan executive stakeholders bemoaned the fact that, even though we’re well into the digital age, the fax machine is ever present in healthcare and creates headaches for doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies and health plans across the nation.
Check out this short, entertaining video about the work Surescripts is doing to bring about a faxless future.
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