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It's Worth a Shot to Help Increase

Covid-19 Vaccination Rates

Join the Campaign to Help Save Lives this Season

Increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates is a team sport. Providers across the healthcare continuum can all play a role in encouraging individuals - especially those at highest risk - to get the full series of vaccines, including the bivalent booster.

Remember to WAVE When You See a Patient

One way for you to join this effort is to remember the acronym WAVE when you see a patient. WAVE helps you remember to ask: "What About Vaccines?" at EVERY encounter. Patients trust the guidance they receive from their familiar providers regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. Having a conversation about vaccines at every encounter goes a long way toward increasing vaccine uptake.


Visit our dedicated webpage to learn more about this nationwide campaign to boost booster rates and protect the health of our most vulnerable populations. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming educational offerings, a podcast for medical directors, a toll-free number where you can direct questions, access new tools and resources, and more.

It's Worth a Shot Weekly COVID-19 Snapshot

It's Worth a Shot Weekly Blog

Perspectives from an Infection Preventionist

"I began my Infection Preventionist career right at the start of the H1N1 pandemic," writes Mary Ellen Casey, RN, an Infection Preventionist with the iPRO QIN-QIO. "At the time, I thought I had a fairly good appreciation for the unpredictable nuances of a novel respiratory virus. I also thought I understood just how prevalent vaccine hesitancy was. I was wrong on both counts." Read the full post.

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