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Dear HCEG Colleagues and Friends:

It is a new year and a new start! While COVID-19 surges, social and political unrest continue, and vaccinations are rolling out, we still have a fresh, new 2021 ahead of us. 

May I suggest now is a perfect time to look back at lessons learned in 2020, capture best practices across all healthcare stakeholders, and recommit our focus on fundamental and critical healthcare priorities?

Since early December, over 120 health plan, health system, and provider executives have joined or renewed their HCEG membership. Read on for more about our new members, how HCEG members are helping identify top priorities for 2021, and an opportunity to share your insight. We are also offering a special membership opportunity to select healthcare leaders. 

We’re also working on supporting topical discussions among our members, performing mini-research projects on critical, member-identified topics. We will be sharing experiences HCEG members have found to be effective.

2021 is our 33rd year working together to improve and reshape healthcare. We look forward to engaging and involving as many of you as interested throughout the year.

Best success and health in 2021 and beyond.

Executive Director
The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG)
Interim 2021 HCEG Top 10+ List
Since COVID-19 prevented us from hosting our 2020 Annual Forum last September, a formal 2021 HCEG Top 10 list was not created. In its place, an Interim 2021 HCEG Top 10+ list was assembled using findings from the COVID-19 Flash Update to the 2020 Industry Pulse and discussion among HCEG’s network of healthcare executives and industry leaders.

Check out the Interim 2021 HCEG Top 10+ here and read on for more information on how we’re enhancing these priorities with feedback from HCEG members and industry thought-leaders.
Healthcare Leaders Share 2021 Priorities
As 2020 ended and 2021 began, HCEG has been collecting additional information and insight into how the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 presidential election have impacted HCEG member and partner priorities.

Check out our latest blog post for some preliminary information and consider sharing how your priorities compare to the Interim 2021 HCEG Top 10+ by taking this one-minute, single page survey.
New HCEG Members & Special Opportunity
As noted above, HCEG added 120+ new members since the start of December. These new members are leaders of health plans, provider organizations, associations, and advisors.

HCEG reached out to these new members to solicit feedback on their current priorities. We appreciate the response we received and are pleased to incorporate the input into our 2021 HCEG Top 10+ list and future content.
Connect with Your Peers - Special 2021 Member Opportunity
If you’re a health plan, health system, or provider organization executive interested in connecting with your peers, sharing knowledge, and participating in HCEG events, submit your information here or send us an email with your name, title, and company name. We'll review your eligibility and get back to you.
2021 Healthcare Predictions & Trends
In addition to surveying HCEG members to learn how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their priorities as healthcare executives, we are currently performing a meta-analysis of a number of lists of 2021 healthcare predictions and trends recently shared by industry leaders.

The information gleaned from this analysis will be used to confirm and supplement the 2021 HCEG Top 10+ list and upcoming content offerings and member discussions.

Healthcare Consumerism 2.0:
From employer-sponsored coverage to ICHRA
With healthcare costs spiraling out of control, employers are challenged to provide higher-quality, more affordable health benefits to their employees – this year more than ever due to the Pandemic.

In this on-demand webinar hosted by the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), Softheon's Kevin Deutsch discusses the shift as the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account (ICHRA) allows employers to control costs and give employees more flexibility in their coverage - and what it means for health plans.
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Lessons Learned About Information Sharing During a Pandemic

Surescripts CEO Tom Skelton shares his perspective on how information sharing is a key aspect of getting through the pandemic.

Bob Hoover and John Zuziak of Change Healthcare discuss the latest healthcare IT strategies that can help mitigate ransomware attack risk.

What Patients Really Want: A 2020 Pew Survey Tells All
Softheon's Paul Garrett offers insight into what patients really want right now – better access to their patient health data.

2020 State of the Market - Key U.S. Insurance Carriers

Interactive data on the provider network landscape in the United States covering five lines of business: Commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, HIX/ACA, & Dental.

Health Payer Predictions for 2021 and Beyond
Access reprints of this special Gartner report - Predicts 2021: U.S. Healthcare Payers Lower Total Costs and Transform Ecosystem Relationships - courtesy of Zipari.

How Salesforce Innovated an MSK Benefits Strategy & Reduced Claims by 60%
Learn how easier access to virtual MSK care as well as better health outcomes resulted in a 60% reduction in MSK medical claims over a three-year period.

Price Transparency Tool Gives Gift of Time, Savings to Pharmacists and Patients

Learn how consumer experience is improved when pharmacists have access to a prescription price transparency tool.

Healthcare Policy Pack

Learn about a simple solution to keeping pace with healthcare policy, check out this new webinar series.
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