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March 24, 2020

Prepare to be Enlightened
RL Vanstory Co. continues to work with our customers by offering solutions as we navigate through COVID-19.   Disinfecting  technology from Kenall offers robust  luminaries  for cleanroom spaces and containment lighting.


Cleanroom and Containment Lighting

Built to meet highly specialized environmental challenges.Whether a recessed linear product, wraparound surface mount, tear-drop fixture, or downlight, Kenall offers a wide variety of LED light fixtures for use in high contamination areas.

Indigo-Clean® Technology  - kills harmful bacteria, such as Staph & MRSA.
Indigo-Clean® is a patented, dual-mode environmental disinfection technology that uses visible light to safely, automatically and continuously kill harmful bacteria, 24/7, in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces. It also prevents bacteria from repopulating the space, consequently bolstering current infection prevention efforts.

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