Update #11 - May 15, 2020

The Rybar Group, Inc. is committed to providing you with timely, ongoing communication regarding reimbursement and payment related regulations and opportunities as they become available

For healthcare providers, the challenges related to COVID-19 have been immense, as they worked to balance clinical care, the changes in how that care is provided, as well as the financial impact of the pandemic. Additionally, they are challenged with managing and understanding the continuous flow of information related to the various relief packages and their reporting requirements.

We are finding that providers are starting to become concerned about the reporting requirements to remain compliant and to support the funding they have received to date from the various relief packages. Documentation is going to be key and it is important that your clients begin to gather everything now as trying to do so down the road may be problematic.
Our team is available to provide assistance to you and your clients in understanding the documentation needed for the settlement process and we will continue to provide support as your clients work with the MAC or other regulatory entities on any questions, through any appeal process or in negotiating a repayment plan.
Whether your client is a hospital, physician clinic, hospice, home health agency, rural provider or any other provider type, they will be impacted.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you and your clients through this process.

Rick Reid
Julie Hardy
Director, Provider Payment Analytics
Director, Revenue Integrity and Payment

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