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As we embrace 2021, we have to acknowledge how healthcare has evolved in the past year—particularly, how healthcare technologies have excelled in response to the many challenges our society has faced throughout the pandemic. The momentum of these innovations has re-fueled V2’s own healthcare practice, and we’ve grown our dedicated staff of healthcare communications experts to keep up with a rapidly transforming digital market. At V2, we know how to articulate the benefits our clients and their products bring to partners and patients so that they stand out, even in a crowded and confusing marketplace. Given our track record in technology, we’re keeping a pulse on where the healthcare industry is heading, and we’re excited to bring on even more of these clients in the new year.

No matter their industry, V2 is committed to guiding clients as they share their stories in an ever-changing media landscape. As traditional broadcasting avenues change, we remain innovative in our approach to communications. Our PR and content teams stay ahead of the news, leveraging creative media to position clients with the audiences that will drive their businesses forward. From podcasting to robust influencer programs to virtual events, we’re developing award-winning communications strategies and assets as innovative and captivating as our clients themselves.

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Q&A with Lissy Hu of CarePort Health
When COVID-19 struck, CarePort Health was in a unique position to deliver on public appetite for information about the pandemic’s impact on healthcare thanks to its wealth of proprietary data.

V2 Vice President Kristen Leathers spoke with CarePort’s Founder and CEO Lissy Hu to discuss the experience of navigating the healthcare technologies industry, particularly over the past year.

V2: As a company operating within the healthcare space, what has the pandemic meant for CarePort? 

LH: The pandemic had an immediate, significant impact on our customers—hospitals, payers, post-acute care and community providers. Everyone in the healthcare industry has been challenged to respond, including us as a healthcare software company. The pandemic has highlighted the need for increased interoperability and enhanced care coordination. During all times, but perhaps especially during a pandemic, healthcare providers across the continuum need to be transparent and communicate with one another.

V2: You were recently acquired. How did you determine WellSky was the best partner to move CarePort forward? 

LH: Patients and their families are increasingly opting for home-based care services following hospital visits. That need has only been accelerated by the pandemic, and WellSky is a software leader in the home and community-based care space. Our customers are looking for connectivity into that network, and that’s one of the reasons why the alignment between CarePort and WellSky makes so much sense.

V2: What have your unique internal and external communication priorities been over the past year? 

LH: Over 1,000 hospitals rely on CarePort to send 20 million referrals annually to more than 110,000 post-acute providers. Because of our expansive network, we were in the position to spot COVID-19 trends across the care continuum as they were occurring. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic, we felt a responsibility to share this data to help providers inform their COVID-19 response. V2 was instrumental in helping us shape and execute on our strategy to share our findings externally.

V2: How has a having a communications partner helped CarePort navigate these priorities? 

LH: V2 has been invaluable in raising CarePort’s profile and increasing brand awareness. When we began working with V2, we had access to novel COVID-19 insights and expertise but had no meaningful relationships with media. V2 enabled us to engage with top-tier media and bring our insights to the public. Beyond our work with V2 on COVID-19, V2 has helped us showcase the value of our platform and position us as a more authoritative voice on industry issues. Overall, my entire team has been very impressed by V2.

V2: You’re a female-founded company, just like V2. What has been the experience of navigating two industries—healthcare and technology—that have traditionally been male-centric? 

LH: I think it’s important for women to be realistic and acknowledge the challenges of being a woman entrepreneur and CEO. We can’t address those barriers if we ignore them. At the same time, as a society, we want to make sure that stories of women succeeding in healthcare and technology are also heard. Both girls and boys benefit from growing up hearing these stories and the art of the possible.
V2 Client Coverage: Stories Worth Sharing

Throughout the ups and downs over the past year, we’ve empowered our clients to share their stories with the world in the moments that matter most.

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V2 Client Showcase: Welcoming New Clients 

V2 received multiple honorable mentions in Ragan’s PR Daily Awards, in the following categories:

  • PR Event (ASG)
  • Corporate Communications Campaign (UiPath)
  • Technology Campaign (Rave Mobile Safety, SpotOn)
In addition to our client work, we’ve put equal care into fostering a strong corporate culture while remote.

To this end, V2 was named a Silver winner in the “PR Agency of the Year” category for the 2020 Best in Biz Awards.
V2 was also named to Forbes’ inaugural list of America’s Best PR Agencies.