HealtheNews July 2016
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  • Population Health Improvement Program: Here's What We Did in 2015!
  • Including People with Disabilities: Project Update
  • Hospital Summit Next Steps
  • HIE Participation Agreement Updates
  • New York State Data Exchange Incentive Program Deadline Extended
  • New Hire: Ankur Verma Joins HealtheConnections 
  • Now Hiring: Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst, Clinical Practice Facilitator
  • New HIE Participants
  • June HIE Statistics Snapshot
Population Health Improvement Program:
Here's What We Did in 2015!
HealtheConnections' Population Health Improvement team and our county partners from across the region spent the first year of the NYSDOH-funded Population Health Improvement Program grant engaging stakeholders, supporting the Prevention Agenda and health equity efforts, and providing data and best practices to the region.

Check out our Annual Highlights report for the details of our collaborative efforts! 
Including People with Disabilities: Project Update
The Population Health Improvement Team at HealtheConnections, together with our partner ARISE, completed the initial stages of the Reaching People with Disabilities Through Healthy Communities project.

HealtheConnections and ARISE completed physical assessments of local health care facilities, businesses, and worksites, and surveyed and interviewed people living with disabilities. Using the information collected and guidelines from the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability, partners created an action plan that will provide a roadmap for affecting policy, system, and environmental changes to positively impact inclusivity of people with disabilities in the Syracuse community.  

For more information on our Reaching People with Disabilities Through Healthy Communities project, contact Bruce Hathaway, Senior Program Manager, at
Hospital Summit Next Steps

HealtheConnections is nearing completion of its hospital summits which were designed to meet with clinical and IT leadership teams and continue to build community relationships to enhance health information exchange.  Each hospital visit gave the HealtheConnections team better insight to hospital operations, and gave hospitals the opportunity to learn more about HealtheConnections services. 

HealtheConnections and hospital teams have already begun collaborating on some key next steps, including the hospitals sending enhanced data sets to HealtheConnections, training additional users, and piloting new HealtheConnections services.  More formalized plans are being developed for the hospitals to focus on increasing HIE usage, implementing new functionality, improving data quality, and teaming up for community events.

HIE Participation Agreement Updates
HealtheConnections is updating its HIE participation agreement and associated documents to incorporate NYS Regulatory changes passed in March 2016 that recognize and govern the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY),  of which HealtheConnections is a qualified participating entity. The agreements include references to the new regulation that formalize previous guidelines and policies.  In addition, a QSOA (Qualified Services Organization Agreement) addendum will incorporate language for 42 CFR Part 2 substance abuse treatment facilities to cover the exchange of this confidential data.  Only 42 CFR Part 2 facilities will be required to sign the new agreements, as required by federal law.  Copies of the new agreements will be available on our website when complete. 
New York State Data Exchange Incentive Program Deadline Extended

NYeC, the New York eHealth Collaborative, announced an extended deadline for eligible providers to receive a financial incentive for contributing data to HealtheConnections! The Data Exchange Incentive Program (DEIP) will provide a financial incentive to organizations that successfully build a data interface with their local New York State Qualified Entity (QE) and submit 7 data elements to the Health Information Exchange. These seven data elements are: Encounters, Demographics, Medications, Labs, Allergies, Procedures, and Diagnoses. 

In order to receive this financial incentive, a practice must meet a 30% Medicaid threshold (20% for pediatrics) and successfully implement a bi-directional data exchange with HealtheConnections and your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendor. Various factors will affect the amount of money your practice will receive, but if you do NOT yet have a bi-directional exchange with HealtheConnections AND you meet the eligibility requirements (see below), you can expect a check for a minimum of $10,500.

Conditions of Participation

  • Must meet CMS Medicaid patient volume threshold (30%, unless pediatrics. Then 20%).
  • Medicaid providers must be MU Stage 1 eligible
  • Organization must sign a participation agreement with HealtheConnections
  • Organization must attest that all identified providers will continue the data exchange for one year

There are three Milestone payments within the DEIP program:

  • Milestone 1: Your organization has signed a Participation Agreement ($2,000)
  • Milestone 2: A bi-directional connection is established AND your organization is contributing the 7 data elements of: Encounters, Demographics, Medications, Labs, Allergies, Procedures, and Diagnoses ($8,000) plus an additional $500 per eligible provider, up to 40, is available per site

For more details, contact your HealtheConnections Provider Engagement Specialist.

New Hire: Ankur Verma Joins HealtheConnections
Ankur Verma, Business Intelligence Analyst, is a member of the Analytics team at HealtheConnections. Verma has worked in the analytics domain for three years, and has experience in the fields of database programming and statistical analysis. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from India, and earned his master’s degree in Information Science from Syracuse University. 
Now Hiring: Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst, Clinical Practice Facilitator
HealtheConnections is seeking candidates for: 

Visit our website for more details regarding each position and to learn how to apply.

Welcome New Participants
Trumble Physical Therapy, PLLC
St. Lawrence Pulmonology
Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics
New Hartford Scanner & Associates
Massena Family Practice
St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center
April E. Ward, MSN CNM
Hospice of Jefferson County, Inc.
Community Health Center of St. Mary's Healthcare & Nathan Littauer Hospital
Senior Network Health
Mohawk Valley Home Care
June HIE Statistics Snapshot

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