HealtheNews October 2016
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  • Access to Minor Data Now Available
  • Participants Wanted! Help Us Reach 700 Participants by December 31
  • Participant Data Contribution Adds Valuable Information to HIE
  • Four-Way Partnership Formed to Help Syracuse Community Health Center’s Employees Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes
  • HealtheCNY Data Pages Get Major Upgrade
  • Welcome Susan Fox, Clinical Practice Facilitator
  • Now Hiring: Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst and HIE Integration Analyst
  • New HIE Participants
  • September HIE Statistics Snapshot
Access to Minor Data Now Available

Authorized users of the health information exchange can now access patient records for minors ages 10 through 17 years old. Previously, there had been a restriction on consent for this age group, which permitted providers to enter a minor's record only in an emergency situation.  This change expands access for providers to more comprehensive medical records for patients under 18 years of age, and is especially important for pediatricians, family practitioners, hospitals, and clinics.

Parents can provide consent for children ages 10 through 17 years old. When a patient turns 18, s/he will consent for him/herself.  Using the same consent forms already in place at your facility, parents can select ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘No, except in an Emergency’ for all children under 18 years of age. Emancipated minors* may provide their own consent using the same consent options that are available to all other patients. 

Please begin using your current consent form to allow parents to select an option for all children under 18 years of age. 

Participants Wanted!
Help Us Reach 700 Participants by December 31
HealtheConnections needs your help to reach 700 Participating Organizations by the end of 2016. If you are a current participant, let your colleagues know how they can benefit from the valuable services offered by HealtheConnections. If you're not yet a HealtheConnections participant, contact us today to join!

Our services include:
  • Patient Lookup: Real-time consolidated view of a patient's community-wide health records
  • Direct Mail: Secure email system to communicate patient clinical information between healthcare professionals
  • myAlerts: Patient activity notifications sent to providers for Emergency Department encounters, in-patient hospital admissions and discharges
  • Results Access & Delivery: Automated delivery of results, reports, and images through the HIE to a participant's EHR, or viewed directly in the HIE via myResults
  • Image Exchange: Access to and viewing of diagnostic-quality radiology image study
  • Query-Based Exchange: Access to state and federal health records systems and other external partners to view patient data
Participants DO NOT need an EHR to access HealtheConnections' services.

Search our Participating Organizations by clicking on the map below:
Send referrals to or have interested colleagues contact:

HealtheConnections Support
315-671-2241 x5
Participant Data Contribution Adds Valuable Information to HIE

Of HealtheConnections' 630 Participating Organizations, 160 are sending patient data to the health information exchange. By sharing this information with the HIE, all healthcare providers within our 11-county region who are HealtheConnections participants can access and utilize this data to fill in gaps in their patients' health records, such as test results, radiology images, and medications - as long as their patient gives consent. 

Now that providers can access records for patients between the ages of 10 and 17 years old, data contribution by pediatricians and other healthcare facilities that treat minors can add tremendous value to the HIE, giving participants more information about a set of patients who previously could not be searched within the HIE except during emergency situations. Since the minor consent change went into effect on September 19, over 7,300 consents have been received for minors in this age group. 

Long term care facilities are also important data sources for the HIE, as they assist with a patient's transition of care. Large extended care facilities in the region like Sitrin Health Care Center and Loretto are among the first to supply patient demographics and other vital data to patient records, giving all healthcare professionals on a patient's care team the tools they need to continue caring for a patient from one facility to the next. 

HealtheConnections works with many EHRs to allow participants to contribute data to the HIE. Click here to view a list of connected EHRs and Radiology systems.

Do you have patient data to share? To start contributing your data to the HIE, contact HealtheConnections Support: 315-671-2241 x5 or 

Four-Way Partnership Formed to Help Syracuse Community Health Center’s Employees Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes
HealtheConnections is proud to announce a partnership with the YMCA of Greater Syracuse, Syracuse Community Health Center, and Onondaga County Health Department that together, will bring the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program (Y-DPP) to the employees of Syracuse Community Health Center. 

Y-DPP is part of a national effort spearheaded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help people with prediabetes make healthy lifestyle changes in order to reduce their risk of progressing to diabetes.

Y-DPP (and similar National Diabetes Prevention Programs offered by other local organizations) gives participants strategies and support to encourage healthy eating and physical activity, with the ultimate goal of 5-7% weight loss.
Research has shown this program to be effective for preventing diabetes, and a great value for employers looking to help their employees and save on long-term health care costs. Past participants in the Y-DPP program in Central New York speak positively of the experience and the results that it helped them achieve!

Syracuse Community Health Center’s class began in September and will last a full year. To get connected with the YMCA of Greater Syracuse, contact Jessica DesRosiers, Senior Healthy Living Director by emailing To learn more about HealtheConnections’ Population Health Improvement work, contact Bruce Hathaway, Senior Program Manager by emailing
HealtheCNY Data Pages Get Major Upgrade
Check out HealtheCNY’s new CNY Data Dashboards and try some of the following easy-to-use features to visualize our 200+ data indicators:
  • Find data on your priority health topics
  • Compare data across different counties and zip codes
  • Access important detail about the data you’re viewing
  • Build custom data dashboards
  • Download data in charts, graphs, and CSV files
  • Track progress on NYS Prevention Agenda and Healthy People 2020 goals
  • View disparities by age, gender, race, and pinpoint areas of high socio-economic need
Below, an example from HealtheCNY shows the indicator Age-Adjusted Hospitalization Rate due to Diabetes (Source: New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System.) This view of the indicator allows you to quickly visualize the hospitalization rates on a map of the region (left side) and compare Central New York counties using a bar chart (right side.)  
A second example from HealtheCNY, below, shows the indicator values for High Blood Pressure Prevalence and High Cholesterol Prevalence (Source: New York Expanded Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System) for a single county, plus how these values compare to other select values and targets.
If you have questions, comments, or training needs related to HealtheCNY, contact us by emailing !
Welcome Susan Fox, Clinical Practice Facilitator

Susan Fox, Clinical Practice Facilitator, has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years. Susan has a diverse clinical background, and for the last eight years she worked in Quality for Health Insurance Plans. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cayuga Community College School of Nursing.

Susan's role at HealtheConnections will include working to improve clinical outcomes through practice facilitation with targeted healthcare providers and systems within a six-county catchment area in Central New York. Interventions will focus on hypertension and prediabetes. 

Now Hiring: Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst and HIE Integration Analyst
HealtheConnections is seeking candidates for: 

Visit our website for more details regarding each position and to learn how to apply.

Welcome New Participants
Mohammad Djafari, MD
Radiation Oncology Services, PC
Volunteer Transportation Center, Inc.
CNY Gynecological Associates
Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing
Mohammad Seedat MD and Coral Nichols MD, PLLC
RiverLedge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
Ob/Gyn Associates of Central New York PC
Massena Independent Living Center, Inc.
William A. Graber, MD, PC
Hospitality House TC, Inc.
September HIE Statistics Snapshot

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