Changing how we live at home
Every day, the pandemic is forcing us to adjust the way we live. That includes how we use our homes and how traditional home designs will need to be adapted to accommodate the new norm.

Our homes currently play a greater role than ever in our daily lives. Many of the functions and tasks we performed elsewhere are now home-based. Everything from work to school to leisure activities. Home is no longer a respite from the outside world. For many of us, our homes have become our world and many believe that this new reliance on the home will persist after the pandemic subsides.

Taken from a recent article in Architizer Journal by Nathan Bahardursingh, here are
6 Ways COVID-19 will alter home design as we know it.

  1. Adaptable Layouts ~ As our connections to our homes continue to increase, homes will need to accommodate a wider array of functions and services. More activities will require more designated activity areas, but how to accomplish this when we only have so much space? The answer can be found in smarter spacial design that incorporates flexibility with adaptability. 
  2. Private Outdoor Space ~ More than ever, we are spending time outdoors. We love taking walks or sitting in the park, but these communal activities don't guarantee safety from COVID and aren't always easily accessible. The desire to bring the outdoors in and increase our outdoor living spaces at home is more than a trend and will continue to grow.
  3. Home Office ~ Whether it's by choice or not, many of us are working from home and will be for the foreseeable future. Remote working may become the new norm, so the need for creating functional work spaces at home will rise.
  4. Sanitized Entryways ~ In order to keep homes safe and clean, entryways will become clearly defined transitional spaces where we can remove shoes, hang jackets and sanitize hands before entering.
  5. Smarter Kitchens ~ According to Epiphany, pantries are going to become more necessary as people make fewer trips to the store. Hands-free options are not just a convenience, but a smarter approach to controlling germs in the kitchen.
  6. Air Purification Systems ~ COVID-19 has brought air quality front and center, so we may see a rise in air purification systems, which take in outside air, recondition it and supply it as fresh. These systems work in conjunction with and enhance regular HVAC making our homes healthier.