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January, 2015
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Healthiest Maryland Businesses provides free technical assistance 
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January is Cervical Health Awareness Month


The United States Congress designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month to promote issues related to cervical cancer, HPV disease and the importance of early detection. 


What Can You Do? 

  • Highlight recent advances and research in the prevention, detection and treatment of cervical cancer or HPV. 
  • Highlight the success of your local/regional early detection cervical cancer screening and treatment programsYour local health departments can assist you with information on county statistics and programming.
  • Present human-interest stories on the importance of early detection, education and the emotional issues related to battling cervical cancer and HPV. 

For information and resources to help you promote awareness, please visit The National Cervical Cancer Coalition at



Educators Benefit Services has been enormously successful for more than twenty years - in fact, it is one of the most successful independent school health insurance groups in the country. That success has been built upon favorable pricing; outstanding service both to schools and individual policy holders; and exceptionally low overhead costs, reflecting the nonprofit nature of the EBS mission. Not only do they have a robust employee wellness program, they offer wellness support to their member schools as well!

As administrator of the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools Health Plan, EBS recognized the value in assisting their member schools with implementing and supporting their wellness initiatives.  A wellness committee was formed to review the needs of the schools.  The committee developed a Wellness Toolkit and EBS implemented a step-by-step process to assist the schools with their wellness plan implementation. 


Wellness initiative funding is provided through commitments from EBS and UnitedHealthcare each year.  Participating schools must meet certain criteria to obtain funding. Here's how it works:


1.  The member school must meet the following eligibility requirements:         

  • Provide a signed letter of support from the head of school
  • Establish a wellness committee or assign a wellness coordinator          
  • Conduct a wellness survey.

2.  The member school implements a wellness program based on the needs and resources of their school community. 

  • Resources are provided to the schools to assist them with this process, including theWell Educated  Toolkit, a variety of online wellness tools and vendor recommendations. 
  • Schools are free to design their own programs.  Some of the programs implemented include:        
    • Juicing Demonstration
    • Weight Watchers on Campus
    • After School Walking Club
    • Fitbit Competitions
    • Health Testing by School Nurse
    • Jazzercise
    • Yoga
    • Zumba
    • Dodgeball
    • Fitness/Workout Room
    • Healthy Vending Machines
    • Nutrition Lunch and Learns

3.  Reimbursement is provided once the school presents documentation of the program implemented and expenses incurred.  

4.  Seminars are held for members twice a year.  Successes are celebrated and ideas are shared in an effort to support and encourage member schools to become  Well Educated.


For more information on the Educators Benefit Services' wellness efforts, please contact Karen Vassar at 410-590-6590 or email



Healthy Meetings

Nearly half of our waking hours are spent at work, and many of those hours are spent in meetings and conferences. By adopting healthy meeting guidelines, your organization can help to create an environment that supports employee and member efforts to eat well and be physically active.


The new year offers a perfect opportunity for changing eating habits, and that can easily translate to your workplace. Consider adopting a policy for healthy meetings, one that includes sample menus, physical activity tips and techniques for sustainability.


The National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity has a Healthy Meeting Toolkit providing ideas for you to use in your business meetings. For a copy of the Toolkit, please visit  


Become a Bicycle Friendly Business!

The League of American Bicyclists is accepting applications for the Bicycle Friendly Business program which recognizes employers for their innovative bike-friendly efforts and also provides resources for organizations to further enhance the environment for their employees who commute by bike. Complete the short 20-minute application to begin the process by registering your organization.

For more information, please visit


 Inner Harbor Ice Rink, through January 19

Get those skates laced up! Open every day at McKeldin Plaza

For information phone 443-743-3308 or visit 

January Health Observances

Birth Defects Prevention Awareness Month  

Blood Donor Month 

 Cervical Cancer Screening Month   

Cervical Health Awareness Month  

 Glaucoma Awareness Month 


 Mountain Club of Maryland
 The oldest hiking club in Maryland (since 1934)  offers regular, and often multiple hikes 

on Wednesdays and weekends that are led by experienced leaders.  

The hikes are rated both by length and challenges, so you are sure to find one that suits you! 

For information and a schedule, please visit


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