January 2021
Happy New Year!
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Recent Makeovers & Inspiration
Take a look through your old dated jewelry and let Diamonds On The Key restyle & update the pieces you no longer wear, by easily transforming them into modern pieces for every day!

An insured FedEx label will be emailed to you, to securely send your items to our office, after analyzation and discussion by phone or zoom. All quotes provided in advance of work for your approval. It’s that easy!

Send us an email or call us to discuss your next “Makeover” !
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After several phone conversations discussing how best to reinvent multiple pieces of little worn jewelry, containing many significant size diamonds, this client decided a large, singular ring incorporating all of her diamonds would suit her best. She was excited to pull inspiration from our Best Selling "Tension Set Collection" and the collaboration began, to create a Triple Station Tension Set Ring. The creation of a computerized CADD design assisted the client in visualizing her ring and helped to determine the best placement and balance of all her loose diamonds, to perfectly creating a substantial ring.  The end result is a gorgeous, statement ring that she is now enjoying every day!
This antique watch has been the source for multiple special pieces of jewelry for it's family members. Many years ago, links were carefully removed and transformed into special matching bracelets. When one cousin lost hers, the 'keeper' of the watch decided to recreate the bracelet from another link in the watch, as a special Christmas Gift. The watch remains intact and put away for safe keeping for more family members to receive special pieces in the future!
Wishing to repurpose old jewelry, this client reached out to Diamonds on the Key to brainstorm and create a new special piece of initial jewelry, following the hot trend for personalized jewelry. After discussing ideas, she decided on a diamond Letter Charm Pendant, that could be worn every day, layered together with her other charm pendants - another hot trend! "K" is now worn and enjoyed every day! 
This client's beloved bracelet had missing gemstones and showed signs of much wear & tear, after being worn daily for over 20 years. Diamonds On The Key was able to supply and match the needed missing gemstones, clean, polish and rhodium plate bright white again the bracelet, restoring it to brand new!
An heirloom wedding band , originally belonging to her grandmother, was the inspiration behind creating a pendant that could be worn every day. The client wished to hang the wedding band from a chain but as it was cracked and in need of repair, the band was molded into a heart shape with the crack being seamlessly and invisibly soldered. The new shape is now worn as a pendant and kept close to the client's 'heart', in remembrance of her grandmother. 
Congratulations to the newly Engaged Jeffrey Padron & Kat Azadi!

It was a pleasure to create the ring that you both were in search for!

Wishing you a lifetime of love & happiness.